Vivendi Apparel is Ambitious. Resourceful. Tenacious. While our roots sit firmly within the equestrian sector, our compression wear is now synonymous with a multitude of sports, flourishing beyond the showjumping arena.

From eventing to the gym floor, we'll take your training to the next level, giving you an edge with our innovative, second-skin compression wear, ensuring you feel as good as you look. We want Vivendi Apparel to be for everyone and every body.

Compression wear has been shown, through highly publicised research, to have incredible medical benefits aside from injury reduction and increased recovery rates. It also provide a multitude of medical benefits for those suffering from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, autism and much more. This coupled with our previous experience of working with  disabled children makes our partnership with Caudwell Children a true passion project.



This collaboration brings together the attitude and spirited slogans of VH Collective with the style and individuality of Vivendi Apparel - creating MAGIC! From equestrian slogan hoodies to fierce feminist mantras... check out our hoodies, sweatshirts and mugs! T-shirts to follow!! ALL ITEMS OFFERED IN A RANGE OF COLOURS!!

We're also offering a personalised service for those wanting their own slogan!!


C180 Compression Wear

Compression wear has been used for many years within the world of sports. Not only can it help reduce injury and recovery rates but it can also help increase perceived performance rates, support muscles and joints and much more.

But that's not where it ends...

Compression wear has been shown, through highly publicised research, to have incredible medical benefits, some of which we've seen ourselves via feedback from our own customers, highlighting the impact that wearing our compression leggings has had on them and the chronic conditions they suffer from such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and much more. 

Our aim for 2022, through funded research, is to now look further into the benefits of compression wear and chronic pain conditions as well as those with autism and sensory processing disorders.


C360 Compression with TC Technology

Say hello to TC Technology, the must have for every adventurer's winter wardrobe, giving you full body insulation in the form of thermal compression wear that can be worn on its own as an individual outfit or even layered underneath for those fighting temperatures of minus 20 and below.

Available in our classic Black & Silver and Black & Gold as well as a stunning Red, Grey, Eclipse and even select pieces in Navy.

This is a limited drop so grab it before it's gone and ensure you're ready for all winter action, whether that's in the saddle or out with Vivendi Apparel's thermal compression wear.



Guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling fantastic, these bobble hats are one size fits all, so grab yours while you can or better yet, grab one for that special someone without having to worry about sizing.

Our first faux fur bobble hat has been released in a stunning and chic black finish, with a grey and black blend pom pom and tan leather Vivendi branded tag, to ensure they match just about every single item in any one of our collections.


Horse Wear

Here at Vivendi Apparel, it isn't only our compression wear that offers benefits. We've also ensured our Horse Wear range provides the best comfort and quality for our horses becasue let's face it, only the best will do when it comes to our equine friends.

Available in Full, Cob & Pony, our saddle pads are true premium quality, with our Vega Luxe Memory Saddle Pads and our Vega Close Contact Saddle Pads both offering incredible shock absorbing benefits through the addition of memory foam inserts.

We also boast fly veils with the minimalist metal branding for that timeless, understated style that allows your horse to look as good as you do every step of the way.

Throw in our incredible Fleece Leg Wraps and we're confident that our Horse Wear line is everything you need, whether you're schooling, hacking or competing.

Vivendi Apparel - because when it comes to your horse, only the best will do.



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