Our Commitment To Sustainability

Vivendi Apparel began as a dream, a vision to bring to our audience a clothing brand that didn’t just provide a sense of style, but a lifestyle choice at the same time. Originating in compression wear, our journey began focusing on the health and wellbeing benefits that compression wear could bring to everyone, from spine injury survivors to those channeling their energy into their sports, in both a professional and amateur sense. We worked with people during their recovery, from long rehabilitation to those wanting to improve their craft with reduced muscle recovery rates.  


Fast forward to today and our compression wear is enjoyed across a broad spectrum of sports and activities as well as day-to-day; from equestrianism to weight lifting and even the school run. Our compression wear is versatile and effective, helping anyone with muscle and joint support, as well as increased blood flow and so much more. 


As our brand grew and evolved, so too did our desire to quite simply, do better. Through our work with charities and our own passion for health and wellbeing, our focus didn’t change but instead, grew wider. This led us to dig deeper, looking at the very root causes of what happens and why, when it comes to our health and the environment around us.


Instead of wanting to take a “treat the wound” approach, we dug deeper and began looking at the reasons behind not only injuries, but ailments and disease. This led us to the most important being in all of our lives; one we all share a vested interest in - planet earth herself.


With the fashion industry producing around 10% of the global carbon dioxide emissions each year, we felt it our duty to provide our customers with an answer to fast fashion. Moving away from seasonal drops, our compression wear has been designed and manufactured to offer a long term solution. All of our pieces are carefully produced to ensure they can be worn across the board, from the arena to the weights rack, as well as through our own seasons. With Vivendi Apparel, ‘last season’ simply doesn’t exist. 


With each new drop, you can refresh a previous purchase ensuring longevity in each item. Match a brand new compression legging from our latest line with last season’s cropped base layer; and do so with ease, not only stylistically but through functionality too. Thanks to the quality of our clothing, wearers will need to replace their favourite pieces less often, which proves more cost-effective in the long run and generates far less waste. 


Vivendi Apparel has been produced with an ultimate purpose - to help you minimise the size of your wardrobe, while maximising the size of your outfit choices.  


Market research of our specific customer demographic has also allowed us to fine tune our sizing quantities, allowing us to cater to market demand without over purchasing. This ultimately allows us eliminate unnecessary production and manufacture of clothing, by ordering only what we need.


Our journey toward an entirely sustainable brand isn’t one that we’ll complete overnight, however it’s something we’re committed to working towards and a journey we’re excited to take. From print-on-demand lines using eco-friendly material, ensuring zero waste to sustainable packaging and giving the option for customers to plant a tree at checkout, we’re doing all we can to ensure our carbon footprint is continually reducing.