Compression Leggings For Travel?

Compression Leggings For Travel?

Travellers are still at risk on flights as compression socks are being worn incorrectly. But what if our compression leggings could do the same job as compression socks by reducing the risk of DVT AND help ensure you're wearing them correctly by becoming part of your #airportoutfit?


As international travel becomes more and more common place, the topic of risk during flights has become more prominent. As we all know, due to the changes in pressure and of course lack of movement, travellers can put themselves at risk of blood clots however, to combat this, compression socks are normally worn. But what about compression leggings? Could your Vivendi compression leggings that you wear to ride in, run in and hit the gym in, now become your new #airportoutfitinspo?

DVT Risk?

Sitting on an airplane seat for a prolonged period of time, naturally increases anyone’s risk of DVT. Lack of movement, cabin pressure reductions and dehydration come together to create the perfect environment for deep vein thrombosis. 

DVT, when a blood clot develops within the leg and subsequently travels to another area of the body ie lungs, can be deadly up to 8 weeks following a flight. Symptoms range from swelling to tender and painful legs as well as fever and discolouration.

Due to the great risk of DVT, especially on long haul flights, doctors recommend that people where compression socks however today we’re looking at compression leggings and how these could actually be more beneficial than socks. Why?

The Risks Of Compression Socks…

Doctors are now warning travellers that they could actually be putting themselves at heightened risk by wearing their compression socks wrong. All too often, travellers leave it until the last minute to put their compression socks on however in doing so, it makes them far less effective.

Doctors are actually suggesting that compression socks should be put on much earlier in the day. This is due to it being the time when legs are less swollen. This helps your body to adapt to the compression over time, before the flight itself. Another big error that people make time and time again is taking the socks off as soon as they disembark their flight. Another major error according to Dr Marc Shaw of Worldwide Travel Clinics. By removing compression socks to soon after your flight, you’re not allowing your body to adapt.

Why Compression Leggings Over Compression Socks?

Instead of leaving to don your socks until the very last minute, our compression leggings are worn day-to-day as part of any casual outfit. Pair with trainers or heels and instead of leaving till the last minute to put on, you can travel safe in the knowledge that you put your leggings on in plenty of time. What’s more, by wearing our compression leggings as part of your regular outfit, you won’t be inclined to remove them straight after your flight and will instead wear them for an extended period of time following your flight, during transfers. This ensures your compression wear is worn in plenty of time before the flight and for plenty of time after the flight. 

Simple yet highly effective.

Want to make sure you’re travelling in safety and style? Then check out our C180 Compression Leggings as well as our C360 Compression Leggings. Look as good as you feel on every flight from here on out.

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