Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day, June 25th, is a day very close to the hearts of Team Vivendi. With close family members in the armed forces, it’s something we want to shout loud and proud about but not only that; Vivendi Apparel compression wear is used around the world for injury repair and rehabilitation. 

With bespoke panelling, designed to ensure optimum compression, our leggings help increase blood flow, support muscles and joints and in doing so, aid in muscle, tendon and ligament repair. With injury within the forces sadly on the increase, it’s a subject that’s constantly at the front of our minds. 

In 2018, the rate of injury and ill health reported in UK Armed Forces organisations was 40 incidents per 1,000 personnel. This represents an increase from 2014/15 when it peaked at 35 reports for every thousand people on active duty or employed by them. While the increase may be small, it’s still an increase and any increase is quite simply not acceptable. Surprisingly, most injuries seem to occur during training, over half in fact. Out of the injuries, 35% affect the lower body whether that’s the foot, leg, ankle, knee or the hip. Injury occurrence is also higher for untrained personnel, in the case of the military, those who are yet to complete phase 1 of training. With Naval and RAF personnel, those who hadn’t yet completed phase 2 of training.  These are startling figures but ones we want to help with. How? With our compression leggings. 

Compression Wear

Athletes, general fitness fanatics and of course those in labour intensive work have been wearing compression wear for years. Many wear compression wear during training as studies have shown that it can help improve performance through something known as better perceived performance. 

What is better perceived performance? We’re glad you asked. It’s simply a case of compression wear allowing your blood to flow better, supporting your muscles and joints and therefore wearers hit muscles fatigue later. Thus allowing them to run further, cycle faster, rider stronger etc. While the science surrounding improvements in performance are difficult due to the inability to blind study, many research papers do note that athletes likely recover much better while wearing compression clothing, simply for the reasons listed above. Compression clothing quite literally ‘compresses’ out those chemicals such as lactic acid that would otherwise build up and cause muscle soreness. Through increased blood flow, those chemicals can be removed and expelled from the body quicker thus increasing recovery. It’s also worth noting that increased blood flow allows for much faster muscles recovery, whether that’s torn muscle fibres from regular exercise or worse than that, actual injury. 

Compression wear and injury prevention/recovery have therefore become synonymous and while some may be sceptical with regards to its benefits, you simply cannot argue with science. 

To find out more about promoting recovery while wearing compression wear, simply click here.  If you’d like to find out more about the compression wear we have on offer, simply check out our C180 and C360 compression leggings now!

Forces Equine

On Armed Forces Day, we also wanted to draw attention to the incredible Forces Equine. Forces Equine are the UK’s No.1 award winning equestrian organisation that supports every single one of those who protect us on a daily basis, everyone from Armed Forces and Government Services, both serving, ex-serving and even dependants as well as our emergency responders from the fire service to the police. 

Through the art of equestrian sports, Forces Equine give back to those who’ve devoted their loves to their country and the Forces Equine Games is becoming a huge. Want to take part yourself or show your support? Simply click here for more information on membership. 

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