Vivendi Apparel was originally designed to help those with spinal chord injuries, whether in rehabilitation or living with chronic pain daily.

While our original audience was predominantly equestrian, from dressage riders and show jumpers to jockeys, our compression wear has now become a firm favourite for fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters too.

The panelling on our leggings have been designed specifically to produce compression in the most efficient manner and thanks to the research and incredible knowledge of our founder, the compression wear we produce is medical grade, so much so it's now helping a huge variety of people with a multitude of problems. 

Here are just a few testimonies we receive on a regular basis...

Lucie Colebeck

“I previously used compression calf socks when training which I thought were good, until I used the C180 compression leggings - which have been fantastic. I use them for tumbling/gymnastics training and also working out, cardio etc. They enable me to train for longer as they reduce my muscles fatiguing as quickly which has been great especially with tumbling training. Would highly recommend these leggings, I love wearing them!” - Lucie Colebeck  

Hannah Elizabeth Sherrington

“Love how these have helped me ride whilst battling RA.. great product ❤️ I’d bought the C180 at Your Horse live and they helped a great deal, so invested in the 360 and wow, what a game changer!! I don’t need knee supports whilst riding as everything is supported” - Hannah Elizabeth Sherrington 


Terrie Thomas

“After rupturing my cruciate ligament, I was waiting for surgery. Then lockdown hit. My surgery was cancelled, as a result my knee can twist and give out for no reason and can then swell, doubling in size. I bought a pair of Vivendi Compression Leggings and being sceptical about them working, didn't hold out much hope!! I wear them as often as possible now - they seem to hold my knee in place and reduce the swelling. I just need more pairs.” - Terrie Thomas


Lyn Patterson

“Vivendi compression leggings work like magic. With aching leg muscles, after my game of golf they go straight on, giving support and relief. Not sure how they work, they just do. So comfortable, I could live in them.” - Lyn Patterson

Ellie Carmen

I have noticed less joint pain and aches when wearing the leggings and I’ve worn them at work on the yard and riding.  Especially when I’m riding as I suffer badly with my knees. They have definitely helped with my knees not swelling as much after an intense riding lesson or schooling session and less achy.” - Ellie Carmen

Robert Hyde

“I'm a Select Group 2 Assistant Referee in the Championship. I train regularly throughout the week and often have televised matches on Saturdays and in some cases mid-week. On top of the exertion of the match itself, I usually have between 1-4 hour journeys to each ground there and back. It's pretty arduous and I used to suffer from very stiff legs following a match, especially being cooped up in a car for so long afterwards. I also suffered from restless legs when I finally got home and got into bed... until I started wearing Vivendi Apparel. I now put my Vivendi's on straight after each match as soon as I'm out of the shower. I wear them to drive home in and much to my wife's disappointment lol I wear them to sleep in too. They literally make a world of difference and if on the rare occasion I forget to pack them in my kit bag, I know about it. I feel a whole world of pain the next day and struggle after a terrible nights sleep. They just keep be going throughout the season.” - Robert Hyde

Josie Gibbs

“A few weeks ago I was unlucky and ended up being draggedbrtween two horses and ending up on the floor. As I stood up I could feel my right knee was injured. I was in a lot of pain. I expected my Vivendi tights to be ripped but to my surprise they weren't, only covered in dust from the floor, I dare not look at my leg
I then realised I had a swelling just below my knee about the size of half a tennis ball. My leg was swollen and bleeding. After having a soak in the bath I put some Vivendi tights back on and I'm convinced that the compression from the tights stopped my leg bruising and quickly reduced the swelling. I was just left with a large graze on my knee, again I'm totally amazed that the Vivendi tights didn't rip
.” - Josie Gibbs


Kate Needs

“I absolutely love my Vivendi compression wear. The material helps supports my aching muscles and joints due to my Fibromyalgia and Systemic Lupus. I’m definitely more comfortable when riding and have less problems after. I wear my Vivendi compression wear riding, doing yoga, dog walking and when I’m Teaching PE. Luckily it also looks good and professional 🖤” - Kate Needs


Christina Monroe

“I love the Vivendi compression material, especially the c180! I have fibromyalgia and so sometimes life is a struggle with pain. However, I find that the leggings especially help control this and I wear them for riding, work and everyday life as they are so versatile! I find the support they give my body reduces fibro flare ups! 👌🏼❤️” - Christina Monroe


Jennifer Duhig Hyde

“I've worn Vivendi Leggings since they were released. I wear them for riding, the gym and even the school run. I wore them a huge amount following my c-section and my bladder surgery as they really gave me a lot of tummy support but the most effective I've ever seen was following my completion of the London to Brighton. I signed up to it without ANY training and somehow managed to complete it. The next day my legs were in bits. So I wore the leggings all day long and woke up the day after with my legs feeling absolutely fine, totally normal. They were phenomenal.” - Jennifer Duhig Hyde