Vivendi Apparel was originally designed to help those with spinal chord injuries, whether in rehabilitation or living with chronic pain daily.

While our original audience was predominantly equestrian, from dressage riders and show jumpers to jockeys, our compression wear has now become a firm favourite for fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters too.

The panelling on our leggings have been designed specifically to produce compression in the most efficient manner and thanks to the research and incredible knowledge of our founder, the compression wear we produce is medical grade, so much so it's now helping a huge variety of people with a multitude of problems. 

Here are just a few testimonies we receive on a regular basis...

Lucie Colebeck

“I previously used compression calf socks when training which I thought were good, until I used the C180 compression leggings - which gave been fantastic. I use them for tumbling/gymnastics training and also working out, cardio etc. They enable me to train for longer as they reduce my muscles fatiguing as quickly which has been great especially with tumbling training. Would highly recommend these leggings, I love wearing them!” - Lucie Colebeck  

Hannah Elizabeth Sherrington

“Love how these have helped me ride whilst battling RA.. great product ❤️ I’d bought the C180 at Your Horse live and they helped a great deal, so invested in the 360 and wow, what a game changer!! I don’t need knee supports whilst riding as everything is supported” - Hannah Elizabeth Sherrington 


Terrie Thomas

“After rupturing my cruciate ligament, I was waiting for surgery. Then lockdown hit. My surgery was cancelled, as a result my knee can twist and give out for no reason and can then swell, doubling in size. I bought a pair of Vivendi Compression Leggings and being sceptical about them working, didn't hold out much hope!! I wear them as often as possible now - they seem to hold my knee in place and reduce the swelling. I just need more pairs.” - Terrie Thomas


Lyn Patterson

“Vivendi compression leggings work like magic. With aching leg muscles, after my game of golf they go straight on, giving support and relief. Not sure how they work, they just do. So comfortable, I could live in them.” - Lyn Patterson