Spread The Positivity With Vivendi

Spread The Positivity With Vivendi

Spread The Positivity With Vivendi


During times like this, it can be so easy to get down in the dumps. We know that social distancing can make you feel isolated and even a little low but there are things you can do to combat any low feelings. In fact, here at Vivendi, we know there are a multitude of things that can mean turning around social distancing and even lockdown (should it happen) into one of the most productive times you’re ever likely to have. To help spread the positivity and help you manage through this rather rapid change of lifestyle, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do and enjoy to help you make the most of this time, and make it work for you.


Take An Online Course


If you were struggling to fit them in before, then now is the perfect time to start an online course. There are so many available that are not only digital and can be live streamed to your laptop but FREE too! You don’t have to spend a penny to learn a new craft or even start something that could help you recession proof your business. The Open University have several free courses available!


Try Vivendi Home Workouts


It’s so important to stay active, whether you’re a fitness fan or not. It’s great for your mental health, plain and simple. While you can of course go for walks outdoors, it’s recommended you stay home as much as possible. That’s why we worked with Fit Fob to create some FREE at-home workouts for you to try. Just jump online and download the PDF for our Vivendi Home Workouts. It’s quick to download and gives you access to three great workouts you can do in your own living room.


Free Pole Work Challenges


The British Horse Society released a statement explaining all group classes and lessons were to be cancelled with immediate effect however riding could still continue as long as social distancing was practiced correctly. To help you still keep your horses ticking over and ensure they’re fit to compete once competition season kicks back in, we highly recommend you take a peek at Little Bentley Eventing’s Facebook page as they’ve begun providing free pole work challenges. Check out their latest challenge and keep on top of your training.


Keep Those Dogs Mentally Exercised


Parks have officially closed. That means people are subject to walking their dogs on leads for the foreseeable. We are in full agreement that this needs to happen in order to discourage large crowds however we also know that there are a great number of dogs out there who need more than a simple walk on the lead in order to really exercise them. Luckily for you, we’re working with the incredible Farah, one of our brand ambassadors to create a FREE downloadable providing you with some great training sessions that you can do at-home with your dogs. While you won’t be able to let them run free over the fields, you will be able to mentally stimulate them at home which we guarantee will tire them out just as much. Watch this space!


Try Our Upcoming Couch To 5k


Moving on from the point above, we know that with parks being closed, many people will avoid going outside however you are still very much encouraged to step outside once a day for some fresh air and exercise. Walking along the roads and pavements doesn’t need to be boring however as we’re producing yet more FREE downloads for you only this time, in the form of a couch to 5k! This will be coming out imminently so why not make your time outside productive and improve your health and fitness? Once again, watch this space as we will be announcing the release of this free guide shortly!


Keep The Kids Active With Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach has begun delivering daily PE sessions for kids. This are streamed live Monday-Friday at 9am.  Can’t do the 9am workout? Then save the video and rewatch later in the day! Have all the family join in for the best at-home PE session ever! Check out his YouTube channel and join the other 800,000 plus families that joined in this morning alone!


Read A Book Or Seven


There’s never been a better time to pick up a book! Amazon have opened up Kindle Unlimited for FREE for the next two months which means you now have access to millions of books for you to enjoy. From non-fiction to fiction, there’s something for everyone! Here at Team Vivendi, we have the perfect recommendation in the form of F.W. Rider’s forthcoming debut novel Soaked Hay & Farrier Smoke. There’s also the new offering from J.A. Hyde in the form of Beware The Thorns! Check out the linked instagram pages for updates on their imminent releases. If you simply can’t wait, just jump online at Amazon and enjoy your new FREE Kindle subscription!


Try Virtual Gatherings


Last but not least, we have virtual gatherings! You heard us right. It’s so important right now that we minimise our physical contact with others outside of our family home but that doesn’t mean we have to stop contact altogether. Why not have a drink or enjoy a few snacks while chatting with friends online? Whether you use Skype, WhatsApp Video Chat, Zoom or something else entirely, there are a million ways that you can still stay in contact and still tell your loved ones what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.


Here at Vivendi, we want to do all we can to make this new way of life one that’s as easy to manage as possible. If you have any suggestions, anything you’d like us to share with our followers, do let us know and we’ll do our best to keep providing you with as much content to keep you occupied!

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Hi, i absolutely love Vivendi clothes. I use mine to not only ride but also to walk my dogs in. I suffer from bad shin splints and the compression leggings have really made a difference when im out walking. I now have no more pain and i love walking again!


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