Jasmine Harrison - Set to break a world record !!

Jasmine Harrison - Set to break a world record !!

You may have seen in our last email that we were drawing focus on a rather incredible athlete? Well the moment has arrived and this week we’re looking at the awesome Jasmine Harrison of RudderlyMad!

We will be working with Jasmine over the coming months to design the perfect set of Vivendi clothing to see her through her incredible journey. 

If you’re new to the game of RudderlyMad, allow us to explain what it is and what this phenomenal young woman will be attempting (and completing no doubt) this coming December. 

On December 12th 2020, Jasmin will be setting off with 36 other teams from La Gomera in Tenerife and will be attempting to row, unsupported we might add, 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to finish in Antigua. She’ll be doing this all part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and if that’s not enough, Jasmin will be doing so as the youngest solo female to ever row the Atlantic ocean. We’d say that makes her pretty badass. To find out more about this amazing challenge and the even more amazing young woman behind it, we decided to speak with the wonder woman herself. Here’s everything Jenni, our content manager and Jasmine herself, discussed in our intro to 2020’s female hero!

Jenni: Hey Jasmine!! So come on, tell us what it was that made you want to do this?

Jasmine: Well there were a few things. Firstly, completely by chance, I was at the 2017 finish line in Antigua doing some swimming technique training and was sailing myself throughout each island. That just inspired me to do it and I think without even realising it, I was subconsciously looking for a challenge. Things kept coming up about a race but promotion was always tough, unless I could create a world record, which meant setting off this year. I just feel alive out on the ocean, away from everything, especially technology. I just want to put a message out to the world that you can go out there and do things on your own without being on your phone all the time. 

J: We hear you’re raising money for a great charity?

Jasmine: I’m getting to raise money for a great charity called ShelterBox which helps people all over the world through natural disaster relief. Seeing what’s happening right now in Australia is just devastating. 

J: So we gather rowing was always a part of your life?

Jasmine: Actually, crazy as it sounds, it wasn’t. I’ve done every other sport, mainly swimming actually as well as other things like the modern pentathlon to football, hockey and netball. Rowing was simply another sport on my list to try really. I’m naturally very active and very sporty. Rowing however has been one of the hardest ones for the simple fact that it’s quite a mental sport while you’re out there on the water.

J: We gather for such a mean feat, you must have been training for quite some time as well as of course, the year you have in front of you?

Jasmine: I’ve been rowing for quite some time but training actually started properly just a few weeks ago. I’ve been sponsored by a personal trainer but I’m also going to the gym. I have a lot more time for the training later on in the year. Right now I’m just super focused on getting more funds just to get to the start line. There isn’t really much that can prepare you for it, otherwise it wouldn’t be known as the world’s toughest row.

J: So what are you focusing on right now? Fundraising aside?

Jasmine: Of course, raising awareness to attract the sponsors is incredibly important. With regards to the actual row, it’s just a case of taking one step at a time. The start line is pretty far off so I don’t want to get too distracted by focusing on that. I’m literally focusing on training and paying my monthly race entry fee and the fee for the boat that’s currently in the middle of the Atlantic being rowed by someone else. Ha!

J:How are you feeling about taking such a trip on your own? You must be pretty proud!

Jasmine: I’m feeling really positive about the row. The idea of being out there on my own can sometimes get a bit scary but it also seems quite relaxing too. Just the thought of being in my own little bubble with the sea - it just feels amazing. I’ve ben lucky enough to be sponsored by a psychologist so as well as physio I’m focusing a lot of my mental health and mentally preparing to be out there alone for so long. Though in all honesty, I love my own company. I feel very strongly about women trying things on their own. You don’t have to wait for your friends to get out there and explore.

J: You must have an incredible support network around you!

Jasmine: I have a fairly small family, my mum is my main support. She’s absolutely amazing and is the person I can rely on to give me some help. I also have a brilliant network of friends too, who are helping contact people they know who could help.

It sounds like you have everything in order and we hope your journey to December 12th is plain sailing…see what we did there? Ok we’ll stop.


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us Jasmine! We’re going to be following your entire journey and we can’t wait to catch up with you again! If anyone else would like to catch up with Jasmine and watch as she attempts the world’s toughest row, keep your eyes on our blog and until our next blog post, you can check out Jasmin’s instagram account right here or jump on over to https://www.rudderlymad.co.uk

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