It's Mental Health Awareness Month

It's Mental Health Awareness Month

As an equestrian clothing brand that focuses on health and welfare, we think it only right that we take some time during the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month to be precise, to focus your attention on the mental health benefits of exercise.

You already no doubt know that exercise is great for the body. Our line of compression leggings and compression tops has been specifically designed to aid your body in fact, during and after exercise by helping you reduce DOMs, provide additional support to muscles and joints and even helping reduce inflammation. Today however, we’re looking at the mind and how exercise can actually help elevate your mood, improve your sleep and even help you deal with depression, anxiety and stress - something a lot of us have been dealing with especially over the last year.

So let’s dive in…

Exercise & Depression, Anxiety & Stress

When you suffer from depression, anxiety or stress, for the most part, exercise is the last thing you feel like doing, however, once you get motivated, it can actually make a huge difference. Research specifically on depression and anxiety has shown both psychological and physical benefits fro exercise. In fact research has even shown exercise to help ward of the return of depression and anxiety once you’ve got yourself to a better place. But those aren’t the only mental health benefits associated with regular exercise…

Other Mental Health Benefits

  • Sharper Memory - those endorphins you enjoy at the end of a workout, well they don’t just help to elevate your mood. They can also help you concentrate and feel more mentally focused on the tasks in hand, whether that’s a pole work session or your day to day job.
  • Better Sleep - would you be surprised to learn that even short bursts of exercise can help you to sleep better? It can also help you to achieve a better pattern of sleep too.
  • More Energy - while you might think exercising would use up your energy, the opposite is in fact true. Exercising can give you more get up and go, stopping you feeling slow and sluggish which will undoubtedly lead to a better feeling overall.
  • Better Self-Esteem - regular activity isn’t just great for your body’s look, it can also be amazing for how you feel about yourself too. Sticking to a great regime and smashing personal bests can really help you feel strong and powerful.
  • Stronger Resilience - when faced with any mental or emotional challenges, exercise can often lend itself to allowing you find more resilience, helping you cope in a healthier way, as opposed to resorting to other negative behaviours such as alcohol and drugs.

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If you’d like to support your body while you’re exercising to support your mind, please do check out our compression wear now. The C180 Compression Wear offers our highest level of compression for those taking part in more strenuous schooling sessions as well as heavy gym sessions. Our C360 Compression Wear is slightly thicker and offers a lesser level of compression for easier workouts and everyday wear. 

All of our clothing has been designed to provide complete versatility, taking you from the arena to the gym and even on the school run. By avoiding having to change outfits, we believe can provide a real boost and almost encourage you to make that gym session, instead of skipping. With Vivendi Apparel, you buy less and you buy better. 

Support both body and mind with Vivendi Apparel and make this week the week you focus on you.

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