In A World Where You Can Be Anything, BE KIND!!

In A World Where You Can Be Anything, BE KIND!!

Here at Vivendi Apparel, we’ve found ourselves totally blindsided by the recent death of Caroline Flack. In a day and age where online trolling has become almost part and parcel of being in the public eye, the daily tearing down of Caroline became accepted by almost everyone with access to social media and the all too well known publications.


Only now this absolutely tragic event has taken place, forcing her family to become members of a club we all dread to be a part of, are people complaining about the daily torrent of abuse this one woman received, over a charge she was yet to be found guilty of we might add.


What really struck a chord with us here at Vivendi however, is the fact that we’re directly involved with two industries in which online trolling and quite frankly unacceptable mental abuse are prevalent and we simply cannot understand why?


There are two aspects of Vivendi Apparel that we’re immeasurably proud of; Vivendi Equestrian and Vivendi Fitness. Both the equestrian world and the fitness world are close to our hearts and with an entire team made up of equestrians and fitness enthusiasts, we also know only too well the highs and down right lows that can come from within our own community.


It would seem we’re living in a somewhat confusing time of late with movements across the globe urging each other to stand together, to bring each other up and yet right here, right in front of our eyes, we accept that ‘tearing each other down’ is something to expect when you’re in the public eye.


This online abuse however isn’t limited to celebrities or stars for that matter. For anyone willing to put themselves ‘out there’ on social media, this kind of abuse is sadly becoming the norm. Just take a peek at one of our favourite accounts on instagram, the fabulous Miss Crazie Maisie, run by the fabulous Laila.


Laila has recited in her own post just 6 weeks ago how one person’s trolling via a YouTube video resulted in 1000’s of people jumping on the bandwagon and writing negative comments alongside the original poster’s ‘opinion’. The mental impact this had on Laila was unspeakable however luckily for us, this beautiful woman was able to overcome the hatred and negativity, even reciting in her own words the dangerous effects this could have on someone else.


This is just one example. Walk onto any stable yard, walk into any gym and we guarantee this is occurring on a daily basis. Whether someone’s wearing the wrong matchy matchy, not riding their horse enough, not lifting the right weight or god forbid not eating the right macros - everyone has a negative opinion about someone else and seems intent on making it known.


Not only is it disgusting but it is absolutely petrifying for those watching their children, their loved ones continue to walk around in a world where it’s seeming to get worse by the day.


Caroline Flack took her own life because she felt she had no way out. The world has been shaken by the actions of a woman on the brink. Sadly, for those not directly involved with Caroline, the world will continue to turn on its axis and the throwaway comments on social media will continue to be shared. The question is, when will it stop? What will it take for the world to stand up and take notice of someone when they cry for help?


When will we realise that we can simply choose to be kind?


Our eyes are glassed and our minds a whirl with this hideous situation that’s happening on a daily basis, right here before our very eyes.


We are creating the situations that force a girlfriend, a wife, a husband, a brother, a son, a daughter to fear they have no way out but to take their own life.


Despite having so many questions flying through our heads and so many different things we want to say, we simply can’t get the words out. So we leave you with the words of someone who so eloquently put what we should all be thinking, despite her own internal struggles. It’s time to stand up and listen. Enough is enough.


“I wanted to write something about mental health day last week but I was knee deep in work. And some days it’s hard to write your feelings if you’re not in the right place. The last few weeks I’ve been in a really weird place...I find it hard to talk about it…I guess it’s anxiety and pressure of life...and when I actually reached out to someone they said I was draining. I feel like this is why some people keep their emotions to themselves. I certainly hate talking about my feelings. And being a burden is my biggest fear.... I’m lucky to be able to pick myself up when things feel shit. But what happens if someone can’t? Be nice to people. You never know what’s going on. Ever” - Caroline Flack

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