How Your Fitness Routine Will Look After Lockdown…

During lockdown, it would seem we’ve all got used to a new way of working out. Whether you’ve been joining the little ones while they take part in their daily PE With Joe sessions or you’ve simply started working out, doing your own routines in the living room or garden; it’s safe to say that working out has changed massively. What’s possibly more noticeable is the fact that not everyone has hated this change. Instead of choosing not to workout, people have just rolled up their sleeves and cracked on with the new normal. 

Couch to 5K running apps have been downloaded at a rate of knots and youtube streaming of yoga sessions and HIIT sessions have reached an all time high. The question is however, what happens when lockdown is over and we’re allowed to return to our old routines once again? 

Will you be returning to the gym or will you be carrying on with your new normal, choosing to spend your gym membership on a new workout outfit from Vivendi Apparel instead?

Working Out At Home

If you, like millions of others will be choosing to workout away from the gym, then you’ll be pleased to know there are millions of ways to keep things varied and keep your interest. What’s more, there are so many ways to do it for free too. 

Here at Vivendi Apparel HQ, two of our team members are using the awesome Couch to 5K app. It’s totally free and guides you on an easy to follow plan. To make it even more entertaining, you can have people like Sarah Millican narrating your runs for you. Believe us when we say it’s so much easier to complete that 60 second run with Sarah cheering you on.

Another great way to access a fantastic workout routine is to check out the likes of Yoga Bella UK. Run by Helen Gilbertson. Helen offers yoga sessions via her YouTube channel which you can access from any smart device. From her Let’s Get Going Intro class to her Make It A Little Stronger class.

If you’re looking for the ultimate training plan, one that’s guaranteed to get those muscles working, then we highly recommend checking out the sensational Ashley Horner. Ashley is a fitness celebrity; a hybrid athlete in fact and her online training programs including Transform You are nothing short of incredible.

From using home gym equipment to just taking it back to basics and enjoying the scenery on a bike ride, there are so many things you can do that will allow you to continue social distancing with ease. But what if you need to get back to the gym? What if you’re simply missing the motivation of the gym floor and have a desire to get back there? That’s where you might want to consider what your ‘new gym space’ may actually look like.

Gym Floors & The New Normal

It was only recently that a video clip of a Hong Kong gym with partitions between machines went viral on social media. Since then, people have begun speculating what UK gyms could start looking like and essentially on what their new normal may be?

Safety measures will need to be put in place. That goes without saying. The question is, what sort of safety measures can we expect to see?

Perspex Screens?

While this has become a basic necessity in Hong Kong, this isn’t actually something that UK Active has been talking about. Instead, we could be looking at clear markings on walls and floors, to help us keep that 2 metre distance.

Spacing Out Of Equipment Stations

One of the best ways to space out people is to simply space out the equipment. This could mean far less equipment availability in gyms as they cater to a 2 metre social distancing space for all gym members.

Shorter Classes

In a bid to keep numbers down in changing rooms, on gym floors and in waiting areas, it could mean shorter classes and even smaller classes. Some gyms may even have a limit on the amount of people entering their premises at any one time.

Different Peak Times

Peak times are usually in the morning at around 08:00 and again in the evening at around 6pm. There is however, a feeling within the health and fitness industry that could possibly change as people’s working patterns take on a new normal, adjusting in order to help avoid packed trains and commutes to and from work.

So What Now?

If all goes according to plan, gyms look set to open on July 4 pending no sudden change in the curve rate of infection. Whether you’re looking to head back to the gym or simply continue working out from home, one thing’s for certain; we can all look good doing it with the help of Vivendi Apparel. 

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