Equestrian Time Saving Hacks YOU Needs This Winter

Equestrian Time Saving Hacks YOU Needs This Winter

No doubt every single equestrian out there has noticed the evenings drawing in, the darker mornings and the temperatures dropping seemingly overnight. While just about every equestrian is counting down to December 21st (Winter Solstice aka the shortest day of the year and our inevitable count down to spring) it would be stating the obvious to say we now need to start thinking about winter.

Let’s face it, it’s going to be cold. It’s going to be wet. And at times, it’s going to be no fun whatsoever BUT, and it’s a big but, it can be made a whole lot easier with a few time saving hacks, ensuring you still get to ride and your horse is still happy, warm and content.

Here at Vivendi Apparel, with a whole team of equestrians behind the brand, we thought it only fair to share our favourite time saving tips to help us all get through this cold and rainy season! We can’t promise you we’ll help you stay mud free - because that’s impossible here in the UK - but we can promise you a few extra hours saved a week!

Time Saving Tips At The Stables

Saving time is vital when winter hits to ensure you still get to enjoy time spent with your horse without having to cut corners. Here are our best time saving tips to keep your mind and your horse in tip top condition without sacrificing that much needed time in the saddle.

Make Those Nets Up In Bulk

If you use hay as opposed to haylage, it’s worth making those nets up in bulk at the start of the week. You’ll be surprised just how much time this saves when you don’t have to do it each morning or evening. Whether you soak hay or not, your net is there ready and waiting to simply be picked up and soaked or picked up and hung. This is also great for those times when life gets in the way and you need a friend to give your horse some extra hay. The net’s there ready and waiting!

Job Share

Sharing jobs with neighbouring liveries can be fantastic for saving time. Whether you turn out and your friend brings in or you muck out both one day and your friend the next, it can mean a few extra vital minutes in the saddle before the sun has had a chance to sink for the evening. It can also mean saving a few pennies on your livery bill too. Win win.

Invest In Clothes That Work For Multiple Activities

How much time do you think you waste changing clothes from the school run to head to the stables? Or perhaps changing out of your gym clothes to head to the yard? This can mount up quickly, costing you vital hours that could be spent mucking out or better still, riding! Instead, wear clothes that allow you to do both. Whether you’re wearing our C180 Compression Leggings and matching Base Layers or our C360 thermal riding leggings and thermal base layers, you can hit the school run, or hit the gym with ease and head straight to the stables without having to change clothes at all. That could mean a few minutes for some or even a solid hour for others.

Deep Litter

Deep littering can save huge amounts of time throughout the winter months. Instead of doing a full muck out, you can instead utilise the necessary bedding such as Easibed or even wooden pellets, that will hold the waste at the very bottom of the bed, allowing you to remove all droppings and simply top up with clean bedding for a fresh and thick bed. Whether you choose to do a full muck out once, twice or even three times a week, deep littering can be a life saver during the winter months!

Invest In Overalls

Want to head somewhere straight from the yard? Perhaps you’re bring in before hitting the supermarket or the school run? Or even coffee with the girls? Don’t worry, the simple trick of using overalls can mean you mucking out, bring the horses in and then shedding your overalls to reveal beautifully clean clothes ready to take on your next errand without people wondering where that smell is coming from…

Enjoy Your Time Hands Free…

We all need to keep our phones on us, especially at the stables but how often do you find yourself moving them from your pocket to your storage box outside of your stable, then back to the barn as you move from one place to another? With our Vega Phone Pocket leggings, you get to stop the faff and simply keep yourself hands free while your phone sits snug in your riding leggings with phone pocket. It couldn’t be easier!

Vivendi Apparel Has You Covered

Here at Vivendi Apparel, we spent time designing clothes that weren’t just incredible for riding horses with technical compression material and silicone grip, but just as at home in the gym, on the school run or running your daily errands. Our compression riding leggings have been designed with the modern person in mind, because let’s face it, with family, horses, jobs and even side hustles, we don’t have time to waste but that shouldn’t mean we have to compromise on style. Thankfully, with our compression wear for equestrians, including our Limited Edition Vega Phone Pocket riding leggings that let you carry on with your jobs hands free, we have you covered for an efficient and horse filled winter!

Now tell us in the comments below, what are your top time saving tips for equestrians!?

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Some great tips here. I Invest in a good head torch 🔦 they are a life saver

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