Brand Ambassador Search

Brand Ambassador Search

The Brand Ambassador Search Is On


Have you heard? Here at Vivendi, we’ve begun our brand ambassador search!


That’s right, all of you wonderful Vivendi fans could have the chance to become an ambassador of one of the UK’s most up and coming equestrian and fitness clothing lines.


We receive messages on a daily basis, from eventers, show jumpers, runners and even crossfit enthusiasts all asking one thing,  “How can I become an ambassador?”


Yesterday we answered your questions by launching our brand ambassador search and the response we have received has been unprecedented. Luckily for you, we aren’t looking for just one or two brand reps, we’re looking for multiple brand reps to introduce our brand into their area of speciality.


Our Vision


At Vivendi, we have an incredible equestrian range of clothing with some amazing silicone grip riding leggings, base layers and our much anticipated riding breeches coming out imminently. We’re also launching Vivendi Fitness, a specific range of clothing designed to help you whether you’re at the gym, running through the woods or competing at your local iron man.


We believe in our clothes. Fact. Why? Because we know that the materials we use aren’t just great to look at, they feel good too and what’s more, they work for you.


The fabric used in our compression wear is there to wick away the sweat and keep you feeling good at all times. It’s designed specifically to work with you and your body. It’s breathable and absorbs very little water to help keep you dry throughout the duration you wear it.


Our compression wear doesn’t just help those dealing with sweat though. Our work has taken us around the world, with Vivendi flying from continent to continent helping those suffering the after effects of spinal cord injuries, namely nerve pain.


With such incredible things happening, who wouldn’t want to be a part of Team Vivendi?


Become A Brand Ambassador And A Part Of Team Vivendi


We want to bring Vivendi to the wider community and we need your help to do that. We want Team Vivendi to be made up of the best equestrians and the best fitness enthusiasts out there.  That doesn’t mean thousands of followers, it simply means an attitude. Do you have what it takes to be part of our incredible brand? Do you want to enjoy all the perks on offer, such as possible free clothes, early access to new collections and releases? Then we suggest you head over to our brand ambassador application form to apply today!


We can’t wait to hear from you guys! Things are about to get pretty exciting here at Team Vivendi and we want you on the journey with us.


Dear sir/madam,
I’m writing regarding the brand ambassador opportunity that I’d love to be considered for.
I am an 18 year older student studying at hartpury university doing Equine Performance and Rehabilitation.
I own 2 Andalusian geldings aged 2&3 who are half brothers. My aims are to back the older one next year and eventually with both of them compete at high level dressage (if I get my self in check!) as they are very well bred and more than capable. At the moment as they are only young and hadn’t been handled much we are doing lots of Liberty work as well as natural horsemanship and doing everything slowly and positivity.
Whilst at uni I will be riding a few horses and competing them at the university which I will document on my Instagram.
I haven’t come from a wealthy background and me and my parents have had to work hard to get where we are and I’d love to send message to more financially disadvantaged children that if they work hard they can have amazing achievements. .
I’d love to be considered as your brand ambassador but I’m sure you’ve had loads of interest and i wish everyone else the best of luck as they’d be very lucky to be chosen as would I.
My Instagram in equine.b
Thankyou for your time
Bella Harvey

Bella Harvey

I have experienced of being an ambassador to some companies. I am also loves to share companies on my social media especially Instagram. Being an ambassador is my passion. However, my main goal is to support companies that has potentials. I can see that in your company which is why it gave me a motivation to apply here to become your ambassador. That is all, Thank you.

Diana Kakhidze

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