A Positive Difference! Every Step Counts...

A Positive Difference! Every Step Counts...

When you think of sustainability, what springs to mind? Eating organic? Reducing your meat intake? Reducing the amount of single use plastic that you use throughout the day? But what about your wardrobe? What about your riding leggings and riding tops? Do you consider these when taking steps towards fast fashion?


Fast fashion has become a hot topic of late, with a lot of attention surrounding companies that churn out outfits within days and continually add clothing lines that remain ‘on trend’ for a very short & limited time. 

Vivendi Apparel Are Taking Steps Towards Sustainability

Here at Vivendi Apparel, we’re consciously making an effort to design and manufacture clothing that not only lasts, but can be worn across a plethora of activities. 


Our compression wear isn’t just clothing that provides benefits during and after exercise, but it can be worn day to day, for the gym, in the saddle; be it on a horse or on a bike. Our brand new No-Logo compression leggings look incredible paired with your favourite stilettos and top to add a touch of evening glam while our C360 Compression leggings provide riders with the ultimate winter thermal, as well as skiers, ice skaters and just about anyone wanting to keep the chill away during those bitterly cold winter months. 


How does this help? Because it counts toward our mission to ensure people start to #buylessbuybetter. With Vivendi Apparel, we’re here to help you reduce the size of your wardrobe but increase the number of outfits you have to hand.

Pre-Orders & Print-On-Demand Help Reduce Waste

Of course, this is the reason behind our Pre-orders. If you’ve been shopping with us for a while now, you’ll see that before every release, we run an opportunity for our shoppers to pre-order our new designs. Why? Because it allows us to gauge interest on our new pieces and through that, order the right amount fo clothing instead of too much. We want to ensure we meet demand without adding to our already overflowing landfills and our pre-orders allow us to do better each and every time.


We’re also introducing print-on-demand items, which means we only create the items when they’re ordered. That allows us to provide brand new designs while creating zero waste.


Of course, we know that we can do more, which is why we’re looking to source material from which we can begin constructing our entire line, from clothing and even horse wear that will be made from fully recycled plastic while still offering those amazing benefits we’ve all come to love. 


By doing so, we’ll not only provide you with new items but we’ll be taking yet another step toward unburdening those heaving landfills around the world. 


For this, we not only need to work hard to source the materials to provide our manufacturer with, but we also need to educate ourselves about what we can do, throughout our company, to improve at every single angle. While we are a clothing brand, we also know there will be processes we can introduce to help us reduce our own carbon footprint and reduce our use of un-recycled materials where possible.


In order to do this, we need to seek the help of those who know better and more importantly, educate ourselves too. And that’s exactly what we’re doing; and what better time to do it than on a cold winter’s evening, wrapped up in our thermal riding leggings and our brand new army green print-on-demand hoodies?

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