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Vivendi Apparel

Show Shirt

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Show season is a wonderful time. Not only do you get to showcase all of the hard work you and your four legged friend have been putting in, but you also get to dress up for the occasion. 

Here at Vivendi Apparel, we've spent a number of months designing the perfect pair of show breeches so it was only natural that we'd create the ultimate show shirt to pair with them.

Introducing our new White & Grey Full Zip Show Shirt, made from the most breathable material that will not only ensure you look good, but make sure you're feeling comfortable too. 

Our Full Zip Show Shirt has been designed to provide you with incredible style while also offering you a practical piece for your wardrobe too. Say goodbye to fiddly buttons and instead say hello to a simple, easy to wear full zip shirt that appears like any other when worn. 

To make it stand out from the crowd, we've paired the smart white body with these incredible grey sleeves, because let's face it - who wants to blend in?

 This show shirt is guaranteed to be a must-have for equestrian's wardrobe and if we're being totally honest, we don't think it will be long before we see it being worn on the high street too.