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Vivendi Apparel

Vivendi Thermos Flask

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Say hello to the ultimate accessory, you never knew you needed - the Vivendi Thermos Flask.

This amazing flask isn't just there to keep your tea and coffee hot, it can also be used to keep your iced drinks cold. Unlike other flasks out there, this incredible bottle can offer your hot drinks a piping hot environment for up to 12 hours and your iced drinks a cool home for a whopping 24 hours. That means regardless of where you are, you can enjoy your favourite hot and cold drinks (one at time remember) at your disposal. 

Leak proof and sweat proof, it doesn't matter where you throw your Vivendi flask bottle (or place gently - come on guys!), the rest of your bag's contents will remain dry and drink free. That goes for car seats, gym lockers and wherever else you decide to place it.

Just as our Vivendi Water Bottles are made from the best materials, so too are our flasks as they boast a BPA free make up, constructed using the highest grade stainless steel. That means you can reduce the amount of single use plastic you go through and instead enjoy a reusable bottle for both hot and cold drinks.

Not only is our thermos flask made from quality materials, it also brandishes our iconic wings logo to let everyone know, it's quality through and through.

Big enough to carry four to five cups of coffee, stay hydrated and warm wherever you are with the Vivendi Apparel Thermos Flask!