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Vivendi Golden Glute Resistance Bands
Vivendi Golden Glute Resistance Bands

Vivendi Golden Glute Resistance Bands

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Say hello to the best fitness accessory you'll ever need - The Vivendi Golden Glute Resistance Bands.

Available in a set of three, our resistance bands offer three different resistance strengths, allowing you to tailor your booty workout to your own needs.

Our resistance bands are super durable, made with incredibly strong fabric that's woven to allow a unique stretch technology in any direction. Not only are they super comfortable but they're also made in an extra thick design with a latex inner lining to prevent any rolling or movement during exercise.

Improve your squats, ensure correct posture throughout and enjoy up to 40% more glute activation using these amazing bands.

In each pack, you'll get three different resistance strength bands to work with, along with a handy storage bag to keep them in great condition when not in use.

Upon purchase, you'll also receive a free downloadable PDF complete with two Vivendi Golden Glute workouts. Delivered straight to your inbox, these workouts will help you tone, shape and burn some serious fat.