Global Sales Agent - Equestrian Surface & Construction

If you have landed here you will be looking for more information on the project we are working on alongside Equestrian Surfaces Ltd  (ESL) based in the U.K. 

As you may know VIVENDI design compression wear for riders to help with performance, health and injury rehabilitation. 

We have been working with ESL since 2018 and as an equestrian and the founder of VIVENDI am passionate about the innovative development of their surfaces / footing as it is specific for every arena, discipline & global a climate it’s specifically produced for. 

The current project we are working on with ESL is a global research project looking at equestrian facilities across the globe, what surface they use and how they can be improved to increase performance and prevent injury. 

By the end of the project ESL are looking to have representatives across the globe trained in the latest surface requirements in order for them to earn commission from installations they organise.

If you or anyone in your network think would be interested in this or would like more information on the role please email :

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Are you looking for a remote job with high earning potential that fits around your current role ?

Are you sales driven ?

Do you have a good equestrian network ? 

Are you passionate about horse/rider performance and injury prevention ?

Do you want to work with the global leader in equestrian surface footing & construction ?

Do you feel you could sell equestrian surfaces that are made specifically for the requirement & climate ?