Equestrian Surfaces

Equestrian Surfaces 

Did you know here at Vivendi, we don’t just offer incredible equestrian and fitness apparel, we also offer amazing quality Equestrian Surfaces for riding arenas?

The question is, what makes our arena surfaces so special? Equi-Fibre, is used up and down the country and all over Europe. It is a shredded blend of carpet fibres. It’s incredibly versatile in that it can be laid as a full fibre surface without needing to add any sand but can also be used as a topper to rejuvenate any existing surface or gallop stretch. Another fantastic bonus of our menage surface is that it’s a non-freezing surface which means whatever the temperatures, you can enjoy a safe and fully functioning riding arena.

With ten years under our belt, it’s safe to say we know a good surface and when we say our Equi-Fibre is the best, we mean it! Just check out some of the amazing reviews online to see for yourself.

With surface toppers of our Equi-Fibre 50 available from £500 (plus delivery) and full fibre surfaces for under £1500 (plus delivery - based on a 20x40) it’s no wonder it is so popular.

Please see our Equestrian Surfaces page to see all the surfaces, constructions & installations we offer.