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Over the 10 years, the owner and founder of Vivendi Apparel, has spent hours tirelessly marketing a very successful equestrian surfaces company. Vivendi Equestrian Surfaces were one of the most innovative brands on the market, utilising Facebook before any other competitions and since launching Vivendi Apparel clothing in November 2018, has created a now globally recognised brand that’s being worn in all four corners of the world.

This didn’t happen over night. Nor did it happen by chance. It happened because of good old fashioned marketing. Knowing how to reach one’s desired audience and knowing, first and foremost that good advertisement is key to the growth of any brand.

Having built up a collective audience of now almost 56 thousand active followers, Vivendi Apparel are now giving you the chance to advertise direct to their audience to take advantage of this incredible platform.

From Facebook to Instagram, you can now advertise through Vivendi Apparel as a ‘recommended’ company.

From story posts to grid posts and newsfeed advertisements, we can help you reach new audiences and help grow your brand during a time when being online has never been so important. 

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