Vivendi Fitness

Vivendi Fitness was built with the sole purpose of providing the wearer with technical fabric that works with them. We wanted our clothing to offer more than fashion, more than just a look or part time fashion choice.

Our signature collection of clothing began with our incredible compression wear. Simplistically designed with clean cut lines and understated styling; we wanted the focus on functionality and support during workouts. 

Our technical fabric not only wicks away sweat and moisture from the wearer but it also provides support to muscles, joints and aids recovery after workouts too. 

From reductions in muscle soreness, inflammation and of course injury as well as increases in blood flow - our compression leggings and compression tops speak for themselves through sheer results. Whether you’re running, lifting weights or performing HIIT sessions, Vivendi Fitness has been designed to be there with you, every step of the way. 

Functional Fitness Wear

There are hundreds of active wear brands out there but very few that offer the benefits of technical fabrics and style in one. With our globally recognised logo, we’re proud to say we’re worn not only by every-day gym users but top-end athletes.

With the likes of CrossFit athlete Ashley Horner wearing our black and gold fitness compression leggings almost daily, the very core of what we wanted to achieve has not only been recognised but cemented in history thanks to the approval of athletes at the very top of their game.

Vivendi Apparel isn’t just another offering of body contouring gym clothes; it’s functional fitness wear that will help you achieve so much more than you already do.

Gym Clothing That Works As Well As It Looks

Sleek, sophisticated and understated; these are just three words that describe what you can expect from the Vivendi Fitness collection. The high-quality fabrics and understated styling speak for themselves, never detracting from what you’re doing. 

We want you to be the voice behind Vivendi, and we want you to wear the clothing, not have clothing wear you. Your voice is there to shout loud and proud above the styling and with our infamous Vivendi wings, that’s precisely what it does. 

Enhance your look and your workouts with our timeless styling and our technical fabrics, pushing you past your limits, beyond what you thought was ever possible.

Have you got your Vivendi wings?