Equestrian Clothing

Vivendi Apparel began as a simple solution to a simple need; a versatile clothing brand, which offered functional equestrian wear that could be worn for more than just those precious moments in the saddle; and so Vivendi Apparel was born. Vivendi Apparel began with the signature collection of compression wear that not only offers a superior, high-end style but provides the wearer with all the benefits of compression fabric, thus supporting the rider whilst in and out of the saddle.

With designer styling combined expertly with functional fabric, it also made our pieces the perfect accompaniment to the gym, working out from home or simply running errands.

With such a huge response to our original collection, it was only natural that we would expand with Vivendi Equestrian now encompassing a wide variety of compression leggings in multiple colours, show shirts, mesh base layers and so much more. 

Just as the Vivendi wearer isn’t just a rider, the Vivendi brand isn’t just a horse riding clothing range - instead it’s a lifestyle that caters to every aspect of the riders day. 

More Than Just A Rider

In our Vivendi Equestrian collection you’ll find an exquisite selection of beautifully detailed and physically supportive clothing. Our compression wear will help aid blood flow in and out of the saddle whilst also providing assistance in muscle recovery, inflammation reduction and even muscle soreness. 

What’s more, you’ll also find our range of riding leggings provide the perfect attire for trips to the gym, to the park and even on regular day to day errands because we understand that you’re more than just a rider.

Breeches & Show Wear

While our riding leggings have became a staple item in equestrian wardrobes here in the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and of course throughout Europe, we understood the need for more. 

As with every offering from our brand, we spent months designing and altering samples with our manufacturers to ensure our first capsule collection of breeches wouldn’t just look good but perform for you in the saddle. Our first collection of breeches has delivered exactly that, providing our signature wings in a new and exciting format. Our breeches offer an incredible four-way stretch to provide the rider with ultimate comfort whether in the arena or on a cross country course. 

Our white and grey show shirt has also offered riders something that simply isn’t on the market. Not only does it stand out from the crowd by once again, with technical fabrics, but it provides a functional piece of show attire that works with you at every point in the day. 

From mesh base layers to our part mesh jacket, our designer equestrian clothing collection is one not to be missed and with our distinctive wings, you can rest assured that your style won’t suffer in your search for comfort.