Our leggings are without a doubt our most popular product to date. It's what we've become known for in fact. From the silicone grip on the knees keeping you firmly in that saddle to the incredible technical compression material that offers a plethora of health benefits; these compression leggings are loved worldwide.

We began with our signature Black & Silver leggings, moving on to Black & Gold as well as White & Silver however the huge demand for these leggings in more colours led us to doing all we could to provide you with exactly what you wanted. 

That's why you can now enjoy our silicone grip compression leggings, whether you're a horse rider, a gym fanatic or simply someone who enjoys wearing active wear day-to-day, in a myriad of colours.

From Blueberry to Blackberry, Cherry to Sage, Lavender to Raspberry and of course, our new offerings, Eclipse and White & Gold - you'll find every one of our leggings right here, ripe for the picking. So what are you waiting for? Grab our silicone grip compression leggings in every colour available and enjoy a new colour for every single day of the week and more.