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Strength Training & Working Out At Home

Strength training, otherwise known as resistance training or weight training is a hugely important aspect of any fitness programme or routine. Not only does it help your muscles become stronger but it’s also great for burning calories, increasing your metabolism and improving the shape and appearance of your body through fat loss.  While many may associate strength training with weight training, there are numerous ways in which you can take part in strength training. From free weights and resistance machines that we all use in the gym to our own body weight and resistance bands; there are numerous ways to introduce strength training into your workouts. In fact, it’s so versatile in fact that many now carry out their strength...

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Keeping Fido Happy During Your Return To Work

Lockdown measures are beginning to ease and with that, comes the end of our extended time at home with our four legged friend. While me may adjust to going back to work with ease however, fido may not. To help, we went to our favourite canine trainer, Farah from Training With Farah.  Say Goodbye To Separation Anxiety Here are some of Farah’s top tips: True canine separation anxiety refers to when a dog has an intense bond with one person or preferred companion and can’t tolerate their absence. Whether another human or canine friend is present or not. Isolation distress on the other hand, occurs when a dog becomes panicked when left alone and exhibits stress-induced behaviours such as pacing,...

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How Your Fitness Routine Will Look After Lockdown…

During lockdown, it would seem we’ve all got used to a new way of working out. Whether you’ve been joining the little ones while they take part in their daily PE With Joe sessions or you’ve simply started working out, doing your own routines in the living room or garden; it’s safe to say that working out has changed massively. What’s possibly more noticeable is the fact that not everyone has hated this change. Instead of choosing not to workout, people have just rolled up their sleeves and cracked on with the new normal.  Couch to 5K running apps have been downloaded at a rate of knots and youtube streaming of yoga sessions and HIIT sessions have reached an all...

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Yoga & Equestrians - What Are The Benefits?

Yoga & Equestrians - What Are The Benefits? Here at Vivendi Apparel, you’ll no doubt know that not only are we huge equestrian enthusiasts but we’re fitness enthusiasts too so when we came across some fabulous online videos by the incredibleYoga Bella UK aka Helen Gilbertson, we just had to give it a go. Fast forward a few days, and as always I’ve got to know the amazing woman behind the brand, only to discover she’s not only a yoga instructor but an equine enthusiast too; more specifically part of a vaulting based equestrian display team called Galloping Acrobatics. Helen has been teaching yoga for over 3 years now and teaches what she calls a ‘dynamic style’ of yoga. This...

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Compression Wear: What Are The Benefits?

Compression wear is a staple of any athlete's wardrobe but you don't have to be a top level athlete to reap the benefits. From those with spinal injuries to others completing local competitions, races, showjumping courses and more - here are the benefits of compression wear and how it can help you.

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