Introducing Vivendi, The  Brand & Elizabeth !!

Introducing Vivendi, The Brand & Elizabeth !!


Hi and welcome to Vivendi Apparel!

Modus Vivendi is a latin term meaning, ‘way of life’. This term and the aptly named clothing line you know today as ‘Vivendi’ has become symbolic of the huge turn around my life has seen in both personal and business aspects. To give you an insight into Vivendi Apparel and the person behind it, I’ve put together a little bit about me. I want you to get to know me, Elizabeth and just what makes this clothing so very special to me and everyone involved. 

My passion for horses began way back when, at the very tender age of 3. From the second my hand touched those whiskers and my ears heard that first nicker, I was hooked. Like any pony infatuated child, the passion would never leave me. 

While I was born in the UK, I actually grew up in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and I didn’t return to the UK until my early teens. While my passion for horses never left, an injury to my neck that saw me fracture two vertebrae forced me away from the equestrian world. Never one to sit around though, I filled my time studying design for 5 years in the North East of England followed by 2 rather exciting years living on the East Coast in the USA. 

It wasn’t until I found my way back to the UK that I settled down and had my two beautiful children; my biggest achievements in my life by far. Despite the often hectic days of motherhood, I yearned for another challenge and decided my skill set were ideal for the police force. Being a police constable was without doubt one of the most exciting and at times challenging experiences of my life, forcing me to use not only my academic achievements but my own life experiences, to make a difference. 

 While I loved and adored my position in the force, the harsh realities of being a single mother on shift work took its toll and I was forced to leave. Despite this, I’ll forever be grateful to my career in the Police Force as it not only reignited my childhood passion for equestrianism, it also opened my eyes to the world of health and could of course put two and two together here but I figured I’d give you a little more while I’m on a roll.

 With itchy feet yet again, no doubt after the constraints of working for the police for so long, I decided to spend a little time living in Spain; a much needed breath of fresh air. On my return to the UK once again, I decided it was high time that I put my passion for horses to good use because as they say, “choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and set up a company manufacturing equestrian surface fibre in 2010. 

 With my hand cuffs firmly back in their pocket and a pencil once again in my hand, my previous studies within the design field came into play as I began sponsoring riders in 2013 and designed clothing to promote our brand. The exclusive and not-for-public-sale clothing range for my sponsored riders became so popular that upon my moving to France, the very essence of Vivendi began.

 The brand, the philosophy behind it and all that Vivendi represents was officially born.

 Vivendi has been designed with the equestrian and fitness industries in mind. It’s a versatile, dynamic and highly functional brand for day to day life. With previous injuries of my own in the back of my mind, Vivendi clothing was created working specifically with professionals from both fields, including those within the training and rehabilitation industries in order to ensure our clothing would help those having suffered from spinal injuries and more.

 Our compression wear has been designed to not only look amazing but also aid blood flow through the body, even when it’s restricted. This makes our clothing suitable for everyone from the everyday happy hacker to those training intensely and even those with previous injuries.

 I manage Vivendi myself with the same love and enthusiasm I put into my equestrian surfaces company. From research and marketing to sales and packaging, I ensure everything meets my approval so that I can make sure the same high standards I wanted to achieve from the very beginning are upheld at every single stage. Due to the rapid expanse of the business it is now a family enterprise with some of our amazing ambassadors working for us also.

 While this little introduction has been well overdue, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know not only me but the brand that is Vivendi and everything it represents.

 It’s so important that we all strive to achieve the very best for ourselves in life and with a little Vivendi for each of us, I hope that I can make everyone’s day that little bit brighter. My mantra is and always will be to learn, reflect and grow and with our incredible supporters championing us on already, that won’t be a tall order to achieve.

Thank you for your support 

Elizabeth xox




Grit and Grace…such a wonderful story of your journey to your passion.
From one business woman to another…congratulations love your brand…love your style….Victoria x

Victoria Dirninger

Wow, how exciting, goes to show you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it.
Thank you for the wonderful introduction.
You can feel the passion when you read it, your amazing.

Rhiannon Townsend

Hi Elizabeth, I found this blog through the link from the brand ambassador search and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it! You have lived a very interesting and varied life whilst travelling around! I was also interested to hear about the equine surfaces you’d produced and how you’d got from that to clothing! Fantastic blog, well done! Best wishes with your brand, it sure seems to be going strength to strength! Natalie x

Natalie Wood

What a lovely story and introduction to your life. You sound like an ambitious and kind person xx

Laura Rose Williamson

Amazing lady you are! Such drive and passion gets you many places, and what a lush range it is! Keep up the good work #wheeleaze

Chris Holden

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