Vivendi Apparel X Your Horse Live

Vivendi Apparel X Your Horse Live


As equestrians, we’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to equestrian events. Whether we’re looking at low level competition or large scale shopping events, there’s always something to attend and enjoy. Your Horse Live is just one of the many horse themed events that take place in the UK every year but what sets this one apart from the others is that it also happens to be the UK’s largest equestrian specific shopping event. 


While Vivendi Apparel has been online for 3 years, we were still yet to attend our first event thanks to the year of COVID. With 2020 behind us, a rather uncertain 2021 had still managed to instil a little caution when it came to booking events. With unwavering certainty that Your Horse Live 2021 would be going ahead however, we decided to go full steam ahead and make the biggest equestrian shopping event of the UK our very first location… and boy did we.


Team Vivendi


We hit this event with gusto, with our team, Elizabeth, Jen & Emma setting up our stall on Thursday afternoon well into the evening. We did our best to display our compression riding leggings, riding tops and even our incredible memory foam saddle pads to showcase them in the very best light. One of our biggest aims for this event was to show those who’d only ever seen us online just what all the fuss was about and that’s exactly what we did from Friday through to Sunday evening.


One of the most wonderful feelings throughout the three days was seeing so many people bowled over by the incredible fabrics and the luxury feel of our horse wear. This was and always will be a message we have pushed from the very beginning - luxury and premium quality at every angle - but just as every other online retailer understands, it can be difficult to really get that message across through imagery and video alone. 


Thankfully, with hands on our thermal riding leggings, our compression leggings and everyone actually getting to see and feel the exquisite detailing of our horse wear - the feedback we received throughout the weekend was nothing short of phenomenal. 


Meeting Our Ambassadors & Customers


As well as meeting new customers, we were also incredibly lucky to meet up with some of our amazing ambassadors as well as our long time customers. From Farah Ataii and Kay Ashford below



…to Christina Fischer and her beautiful daughter. 



We also met the wonderful Yasmin Holliday as well as a whole host of our customers. On top of this, the ever lovely Ray The Goth stopped by our stall as well as a million faces we’ve only ever spoken to through our social media channels. 


To say Your Horse Live was a success is an understatement. Actually getting to speak with all of you, show you the quality of our fabric, talk to you about the benefits of our compression wear and better still, let you actually try it on was nothing short of mind blowing for all involved. Not only can we not wait to see you all at Your Horse Live again in 2022 but we cannot wait to see you  all at as many equestrian events throughout the entire year too. From Badminton to Burghley, HOYS to London International, we’re making it our mission to make 2022 the year of the show for Vivendi Apparel, and we can’t wait to see you there.


Will you be joining us? 

Don't forget, if you shopped with us, to check the Vivendi Apparel postcard in your bag! It contains a little thank you discount code for you to enjoy until November 22nd!

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