Thermal Riding Clothes This Winter

Thermal Riding Clothes This Winter

Whether we like it or not, winter is coming and we aren’t referring to Game Of Thrones. We're talking about dark evenings, frozen taps and those oh so adorable frosty whiskers. Unless you're living in the Bahamas, you'll have noticed the temperatures dropping already, with winter coats coming in and quite possibly the first clip of the season having taken place! 

Whether you’re an equestrian or an avid runner, winter can spell all kinds of problems when it comes to being in the great outdoors.

You aren’t making a quick dash to the shops. You’re working. You’re getting sweaty and you’re staying active. That requires clothing that’s going to support you and not only keep you warm but stop you from getting too sweaty when you’re at your peak level of activity - be it in the saddle or out running trails - and that isn’t an easy task. 

Well, unless of course you have our incredible thermal C360 Compression Leggings and Base Layers on hand…

Thermal Leggings & Base Layers For Winter

With our thermal riding tights, you can enjoy a delicately soft and thermal lining throughout the compression leggings and running/equestrian base layers.

We designed this line specifically so that it could be worn on its own on your regular cold winters day, allowing you to move freely without the restriction of bulky layers as well as being worn underneath your hoodie or coat and even your leather chaps on those days when the temperatures dive into the minus range.

Our range of thermal horse riding clothes can be worn in the saddle, in the gym or even day to day, on the school run or at the supermarket - regardless of where you are, you can rest assured that Vivendi Apparel Thermal Clothing will be keeping you warm and well supported. 

Compression Benefits - Thermal

Our thermal C360 compression tights and riding tops have been designed utilising a specific thermal compression fabric that offers:

  • Compression Qualities For Optimum Support
  • Delicate Fleece Lining For Thermal Properties
  • Breathable Fabric To Keep You Cool As Workouts Intensify
  • Sweat Wicking Material That Lifts Sweat Away From The Body

We guarantee, that thanks to Vivendi’s TC Technology, these thermal compression riding leggings and matching base layers are going to be the only pieces to keep you going through winter without the shivers!

Thermal Riding Clothes

To ensure you’re looking good at all times, and of course enjoy a little colour in your winter wardrobe, we’ve made this line available in our classic Black & Silver as well as Black & Gold.

We also have them available in Eclipse for those wanting a more understated look, as well as a vibrant Red and a subtle Grey. Throw in some limited pieces in a dark Navy and we guarantee you’ll look incredible all winter and won’t be fighting to feel your limbs again when it comes to jumping out of the saddle at the end of a long hack.

Then all you need to worry about is stopping the water buckets from freezing... now is that a half filled plastic water bottle bobbing about or a tyre filled with straw around the bucket? What works for you? Let us know in the comments below...

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