The Vivendi Apparel Christmas Gift Guide…

The Vivendi Apparel Christmas Gift Guide…

Christmas is just a few days away but there's still time to order to guarantee Xmas delivery (21st December!) Thankfully, here at Vivendi Apparel, we’ve made it a whole lot easier for you to get your Christmas shopping done with our Christmas Gift Guide… which we might add, all happens to be included in our current Christmas Collaboration Giveaway! Have you entered yet? Find out how to below...


Christmas Gifts For The Horse Rider…

Thermal C360 Riding Leggings

Riding leggings are always going to be a sure fire hit for any equestrian this Christmas but what makes our C360 Compression Leggings so special? The technical compression material for a start providing you with all the support you need in and out of the saddle! Pair this with the silicone knees for stability and of course the thermal properties keeping you super warm through even the toughest winter and it's a no-brainer that these need to be on your Christmas shopping list now! Grab our Thermal Compression Leggings here.

Joanna Fair Equestrian Photoshoot

Everyone thinks they have the best horse in the world and guess what? Everyone is right! That’s why equine photoshoots are so special. Joanna Fair Photography photoshoots are something to cherish forever and we guarantee will bring a huge smile to all when they find this under their Christmas tree. Grab some Joanna Fair photography vouchers right here.


With Equihandee, your little ones will remain safer in your hands, allowing them the freedom of riding in the saddle while grown ups feel safe having something more substantial to grab on to. The Equihandee makes the ideal present for parents with little ones venturing into riding and even the little ones themselves! Grab the Equihandee here.

The Ultimate Gift Box

We all a gift box of surprises and there’s no better gift box for the horse lover than a gift box from Hooves & Love. Not only do they offer ready made gift boxes but they offer personalised ones too, allowing you to make this years Christmas gift as personal as you want to. Grab the most beautiful equestrian inspired gift boxes right here.

Tidy Tack Room Bags

If you, like us, are constantly looking for ways to make your tack room that bit tidier than you need these bags! The Tidy Tack room have an array of tack room bags, from rug storage bags to basic kit bags for your car, guaranteed to keep everything in its place and you a lot less stressed when it comes to finding your favourite things! Grab yours right here.


Stocking Fillers…

Bobble Hat

Our Faux Fur Bobble Hat has got to be the best stocking filler out there. Not only is it beautiful and incredibly comfortable but it’s this season’s must have and what’s more, it matches perfectly with almost every item of Vivendi Apparel clothing. Grab yours right here.


It’s starting to get super chilly now and we all know that it’s going to get even colder come January and February, which makes riding gloves the perfect accompaniment to our Faux Fur Bobble hat. These gloves are a little special however as they’re eGloves, which allow you to use your phone at the same time, without ever having to take them off! Genius! Grab yours here.

Christmas Gifts For The Horse…

It isn’t just the humans in our lives who deserve a gift this festive season. For all they do for us; from carrying us across country to being that undeniable shoulder to cry on, our horses are without a doubt a special figure in our lives and allow us to enjoy our true passion. 


Tyler’s Hoof Butter & Hoof Oil

As they say, no hoof, no horse so making sure their hooves are on point, especially throughout the brutal winters we’ve been having is more important than ever. Thankfully, Tyler’s Hoof Products are the brand to keep your horses hooves looking and feeling great! Check out the full range of hoof butters, hoof oils and more right here.

Luxury Saddle Pads

We have an incredible range of saddle pads available, from our Vega Luxe Memory Saddle pads, currently available in a dressage cut as well as our stunning Vega Close Contact Saddle pads currently available in GP. These saddle pads offer maximum comfort, making them the perfect, ‘I Love You’ gift for your equine friend. All available in Pony, Cob and Full with some sizes close to zero! Get yours in our horse wear section here.

Vivendi Fly Veils

Whether you want the full on matchy matchy look or simply want a fly veil for your horses, ready for the summer, then check out our stunning fly veils available in Pony, Cob & Full in all three colour options, Black & Silver, Black & Gold and White & Silver. Get yours right here.

Fleece Leg Wraps

Keep their legs well supported with our Fleece Leg Wraps, available in Black & Silver as well as Black & Gold. Get a stocking big enough for Neddy and you’ll be able to pop them in there too! Grab yours here.



We know Christmas shopping can be tough but with our Christmas Gift Guide, we can guarantee we have you covered for the equestrian in your family. From little ones to not so little ones, and of course the equine in your life, this gift guide will have you Christmas shopping with ease! 


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