It’s been two weeks since one of the most devastating disasters to ever shake a city took place. The ground shook, with people noticing their furniture moving, almost imperceptibly and just a few seconds later, it stopped. 

For many the moment of stillness and essentially nothingness, before the devastating explosion that destroyed an entire city, is hard to forget. 

The eery silence. 

The vacuum like stillness before an earth-shattering blast that wiped out and brought an entire city to its knees.

The explosion and vibrations could be felt miles from the epicentre of the explosion and while huge buildings shook like never before, the vast majority simply say, nothing could compare to the sound. 

Smoke billowed from the capital as people who could fled, while others remained stuck. Ambulances and other emergency services did their best to inch their way through the heavy traffic, that had built up as people simply tried to save their loved ones by running as far as they could from the danger. 

Traffic was at a standstill, media devices brought nothing but devastating news and raging fires ripped through the city as hospitals became overwhelmed with the injured and the dying.

The Vivendi Apparel Beirut Blast Appeal #VABBA

Here at Vivendi, we could only watch the information being delivered on the hour of the crippling after-effects of this huge incident.

Speaking with one of our ambassadors, a Lebanese resident herself, we were able to further comprehend the level of destruction and damage caused to life and structure and in doing so, we decided we needed to help.

We initially went shopping, purchasing items that we thought would be of use. We purchased medical supplies that would cover as much as possible, both children’s medicine and adults. That was then boxed and shipped however the cost of courier to Beirut was incredibly costly. We felt the money being spent on shipping could be better spent on supplies themselves so we decided to look for a better option.

Our Amazing Ambassador Rita M Hanna

We spoke with our ambassador Rita M Hanna who advised us of a website called Carrefour where people could jump on, purchase items and have it sent direct to our Rita herself who could then go on to distribute items. This continues today and is needed as much as ever. Rita is working tirelessly to hand out the donations to the shelters out there but we still need your help to donate more. 

Thanks to our amazing followers, we also have an incredible amount of physical donations still coming into Vivendi Apparel HQ. Due to the size of the donations, we’re now working with an organisation who are helping us to get these to Beirut, slowly but surely. 

Can You Help?

If you’d like to help, please don’t hesitate to create an order over at and have it sent straight to the wonderful Rita M Hanna who, along with her friends, family and other Beirut locals is doing all she can to help. If you’d like to help, please do contact us for the necessary details to ensure your goods meet the correct location.

Shop Vivendi Apparel To Help

We’re also selling our Vivendi Apparel returns through our Vivendi Equestrian and Vivendi Fitness Facebook groups, at dramatically reduced prices in order to raise as much money as possible to help in the aftermath of this shocking incident. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those involved and we only hope that we can continue to do more to help this city get back on it's feet.

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