The New Collection Is Landing…

The New Collection Is Landing…

For our seasoned followers, you may remember that back in March, we teased you with the most exciting new collection. It would be heading your way soon however, much like our usual offerings, we predicted sells outs once more. 

In order to avoid you guys missing out however, we did two things. Not only did we order way more than we normally would to meet the demand, we also launched a Pre Launch Sale

This meant us placing our new collection available to pre order at some very low prices. Not only would you get your favourite new piece at the ultimate sale price, but you’d also be ensuring you get your hands on them before the onslaught that inevitably seems to ensue when any of our new designs arrive.

The presale gave everyone the chance to add to their own collection away from the mad rush. Those who were willing to wait to get their hands on our incredible show season shirts and brand new mesh base layers did exactly that. Our new compression leggings have been a huge hit too with every single colour flying out and we could not be more grateful.

As with anything in life however, all good things must come to an end and our presale prices will be finishing imminently. Why?

Because we have the first half of our order landing tomorrow!

You Asked & We Delivered

It’s safe to say we’ve become known for our iconic wings and our compression wear. Luckily for you, these will be available in abundance in our brand new collection. 

Not only are our now famous Black & Silver compression leggings back but they’re also now available in a variety of colours. From Cherry to Blackberry, Mist, Lavender and even Sage on top of the Blueberry, Raspberry and White you already know and love. The functional compression leggings are made even more versatile with the help of a sticky silicone knee making them not just a training tight but a fantastic horse riding legging too.

As well as more of a selection on the colour spectrum for our compression leggings, we also have some amazing summer additions with our Climate Mesh Base Layer and our Climate Mesh Zip Jacket. Both of which are guaranteed to keep you cool and breezy during the summer season ahead. 

We’ve also got some new additions perfect for the gym in the form of our cropped tee’s and cropped hoodies as well as our new Vivendi logo tee’s and our beautiful seamless fitness sets.

Add to this our White & Grey Show Shirt, our amazing new breeches, our brand new Hoodie as well as a restock of all your old favourites like our high impact sports bras and it’s safe to say that our wardrobes are about to get a whole lot more exciting this summer. 

Vivendi Fitness & Equestrian

From our amazing sport specific pieces to our more versatile, crossover items that we’ve become known for; our forthcoming collection is guaranteed to wow but that’s not all we have coming for you.

Our accessories line is about to get a whole lot more exciting and we don’t just mean for you. No, no; we may even have a few exciting pieces in the pipeline for your favourite four legged riding friend too. While these specific items may still be in the design stage, we want you to know they’re looking amazing and will be just as technically minded and functional as our clothing range is for you.

A Huge Thank You From Us

While we have your attention, we’d just like to take this time to say a huge thank you from all of us here at Team Vivendi. You guys wanted to get your hands on our new collection faster than we could deliver and you wanted to ensure that we didn’t sell out before you had a chance to. 

We offered a presale and you accepted happily. To say it’s been stressful is an understatement but knowing we have made so many of you happy by allowing you to put your favourite pieces aside has made it all worth it. We hope you love your new pieces as they begin arriving over the next couple of weeks and don’t forget to tag us in on social media so we can see you all wearing your amazing pieces with pride.

If you’d like one last chance to grab something exciting, just head to our PreSale page today and don’t forget to enter the code Breeches20 at checkout to take your breeches down to just £60, a whopping £30 less than their RRP.

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