Photo Credit - Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Our hearts are currently in our mouths as we watch the wildfires of California tearing through this state. Thousands of people have been evacuated out of their homes with countless animals being victims to the flames too. From domestic animals to wildlife, these fires are fast becoming an annual disaster in the US and it’s nothing short of heartbreaking to watch.

All through the media, we’re seeing images of people and livestock fleeing the fires but unfortunately for some, they aren’t able to take their animals with them in their desperation to seek refuge from the unbearable flames. 

Incredible Rescue Efforts

While many are doing all they can to scramble for safety, as fires rip through homes and entire towns throughout California, there are rescue teams up and down the state doing their best to rescue the animals who’s found themselves in desperate need of help. We stumbled upon a heartwarming article that’s highlighted the amazing help being offered by the Davis School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California.

The Davis School of Veterinary Medicine are now treating several animals who’ve been injured by the horrendous fires, from burns to smoke inhalation. Their current casualties include an 11 year old draft horse call Ava who was the only survivor amongst her six horse heard, all belonging to a nurse who lost not only five of her horses but her entire home, truck and trailer.

There’s also a Welsh pony called Puzzler who was brought in with Ava as well as an Alpaca; who’s been affectionately named Canelo while undergoing treatment.

Photo Credit - Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

So far, the University of Davis is treating 13 animals who’ve been injured from the fatal fires, with sheep, goats and even a cat being amongst them; and this number only looks set to increase.

To help further, the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo has opened up to provide an evacuation centre for large animals and by yesterday, was already home to a whopping 60 different animals ranging from horses to chickens and even emus.

Photo Credit - Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Can You Help?

Our hearts are in our mouths as we watch this devastating natural disaster rip through this beautiful state once again. While we may be here in the UK, we still want to help as much as possible and in order to do that, we wanted to draw attention to the California Community Foundation that has a specific Wildfire Relief Fund. Since it was first created in 2003, it has raised a whopping $24 million to provide relief and recovery in the aftermath of these devastating wildfires that appear to be becoming all too frequent.

If you’d like to donate, please visit and simply click… Donate Now!

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