The C Word !!

The C Word !!

The C Word


Dare we say it, Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it’s also known, has officially made its way around the world. Cities, countries and entire continents in fact, are on lockdown. Here in the UK, we’ve received instructions from our government and political leaders to begin social distancing and self isolate where necessary.


Take just one step outdoors and it’s eerie. The feeling is nothing short of surreal. Roads are virtually empty yet hospitals are bursting at the seams, supermarkets are awash with panic buyers and social media community pages show the distinct mix of those echoing last months #bekind mantra with this months desire to #stockpile and #helpyourself.


While the virus is indeed worrying for the elderly and those classed as more vulnerable, the streets are beginning to feel all too familiar with 2002’s 28 Days Later and it’s causing more hysteria.


Stay Smart & Stay Indoors


There’s a meme that’s doing the rounds at the minute that perhaps makes light of this situation too much. It says that our “grandparents were called to war. You’re just being asked to sit on your sofa and watch Netflix. You got this”.


This does indeed sum up the situation for some however for a great deal of us, shutting up shop and closing down our businesses means the difference between paying the bills and not paying them and with Boris merely asking people to stay away from crowded places such as restaurants and theatres, those making a living from these establishments are left without the ability to claim from insurance in order to help them manage financially.


People find themselves between a rock and a hard place.


We know only too well the strain and struggle that’s happening right now. Businesses are closing their doors indefinitely and people are struggling to pay their bills but there is hope. One of the best ways to help each other is to simply shop local and what’s more, support small businesses.


We saw a fantastic suggestion that urged people to buy each other gift cards from small businesses online. This means small businesses such as ourselves are supported during these difficult times and you, the buyer, still remain as safe as ever without coming into contact with people.


Still Open For Business


Here at Vivendi Apparel, we’re very much still open for business. Our team are working remotely to ensure you, our customers, still receive your packages. We want you to stay indoors. We know the difficulties being faced financially by some but without our health, we truly do have nothing.


On that note, we wanted to do more. We wanted to give back to the community that’s got us where we are today. That’s why we decided to create the ultimate gift, the gift of health.


Our Gift To You


We collaborated with the incredible Fit Fob, a trainer and nutritionist, to create three different at-home workouts for you, TOTALLY FREE! They’re for you to try whether you’re on self-isolation due to a family member being poorly or are simply practicing social distancing and avoiding the gyms. You can find the FREE Vivendi Home Workouts online.


While we know this won’t wipe this nasty virus from our environment, we hope it will help to keep you guys active and help boost those immune systems with a little exercise and a healthy dose of dopamine. If you’d like to find out more about Fit Fob, check him out on Facebook, Instagram or his website


Do remember to check with a professional health practitioner before undertaking any of our workouts.


Please know, to all of our customers and our followers, we’re here, we’re open and we’re taking all of the necessary precautions! So put your feet up, grab a smart device and do a little online shopping, read a book and maybe even Netflix and chill. We guarantee you’ll be thankful for the rest!

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