The Benefits Of Compression Shorts

The Benefits Of Compression Shorts

We could not be more excited to shout about our brand new launch of our compression cycling shorts. Available in both Cherry & Eclipse, our compression shorts are guaranteed to take your wardrobe to the next level but their look isn’t the only amazing thing about them. Our cycling shorts are, much like our leggings, made from compression material. This technical compression fabric brings with it not only a superior fit, allowing the material to mould to you but a whole host of medical benefits. 

Health & Fitness Benefits Of Compression Material

We’ve taken the time to list these benefits for you below, so you can truly understand just why our compression shorts are your next wardrobe must-have.

  • Compression Shorts Aren’t Just For Winter - compression wear should be snug against the skin to not only help support muscles and joints but also restrict air flow to the surface of the body which in turn allows for a better regulation of temperature. Not only does this actively keep moisture away from the skin but allows for the sweat to evaporate ensuring your skin stays dry and ultimately warmer. 
  • Compression Shorts Reduce Chafing - with Vivendi Apparel compression cycling shorts, you’ll find no loose areas. Instead, you’ll see the fabric sticking to your own silhouette. Thanks to this fit and the moisture wicking technology, chafing is dramatically reduced.
  • Compression Shorts Can Increase Your Endurance - there are a number of studies that have shown compression cycling shorts to help increase endurance for an athlete. Studies have shown that thanks to compression materials ability to increase blood flow, blood can therefore be taken to the muscles and lungs at a faster rate and therefore provide the athlete in question with far better oxygenation to the body and thus, in turn a better performance. Some studies have even shown performance can increase by a very noticeable two or even three percent in some cases.
  • Compression Shorts Don’t Just Support Your Muscles - many men find a huge benefit with compression shorts in that it supports the male genitals, eliminating the need for a jock strap of any kind. By supporting the groin area, male wearers often find they avoid any sort of strain or chaffing for that matter, while also helping to avoid intense heat which can ultimately cause fertility issues if experienced too often for prolonged periods of time.
  • Compression Shorts Speed Up Recovery - after you’ve finished your workout, whether it’s a long run, a long cycle or even a game of tennis, you may find some muscles very inflamed, especially the larger muscle groups that have been more heavily trained. Thankfully, compression material helps to reduce swelling and with its ability to increase blood flow, can help speed up recovery and even reduce DOMs.

Have You Checked Out Our Compression Cycling Shorts Yet?

Our compression cycling shorts are now available to purchase at their presale price of £30 instead of £35 so grab them while you can. You’ll find them online now in our October Presale collection! They’re available in cherry and eclipse and don’t forget, we also have matching base layers available, as well as cropped base layers and bras to take your matchy matchy to the next level.

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