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Show Season Is Back But Are You Ready?

Show season would appear to be making a come back with many local venues now opening their doors and welcoming an exciting trickle of events. The question is, are you ready? For many of us COVID 19 meant a slightly more relaxed ridden regime. For some, it even meant shoes off and a spring break out for the Neds. While the break undoubtedly did everyone a little good, giving us and our horses time to relax, it will have almost certainly led to a reduced level in fitness and muscle loss as well as an increase in weight. Prep, Prep & More Prep Preparation is key, along with a good exercise and fitness program to ensure both you and your...

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Richard Neumann : Walking, Riding Miracle !!

On May 17th 2010, Richard Neumann, a professional rugby player was told he’d never walk again after injuring himself during his last International Honours. Fast forward to today and that same professional rugby player is now not only walking but is now a para-dressage rider who before COVID-19 took hold, had been asked to ride for the England Team for the home international. Here’s what Richard had to say when we caught up with him during some down time.   Jenni - Hi Richard, thanks so much for agreeing to chat with us. I think it’s safe to say that with boxing, rugby and now dressage under your belt, you’re quite the sportsman!? Richard - Hi, I have always been involved in...

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