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The Benefits Of Compression Shorts

We could not be more excited to shout about our brand new launch of our compression cycling shorts. Available in both Cherry & Eclipse, our compression shorts are guaranteed to take your wardrobe to the next level but their look isn’t the only amazing thing about them. Our cycling shorts are, much like our leggings, made from compression material. This technical compression fabric brings with it not only a superior fit, allowing the material to mould to you but a whole host of medical benefits.  Health & Fitness Benefits Of Compression Material We’ve taken the time to list these benefits for you below, so you can truly understand just why our compression shorts are your next wardrobe must-have. Compression Shorts...

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The New Collection Is Landing…

For our seasoned followers, you may remember that back in March, we teased you with the most exciting new collection. It would be heading your way soon however, much like our usual offerings, we predicted sells outs once more.  In order to avoid you guys missing out however, we did two things. Not only did we order way more than we normally would to meet the demand, we also launched a Pre Launch Sale.  This meant us placing our new collection available to pre order at some very low prices. Not only would you get your favourite new piece at the ultimate sale price, but you’d also be ensuring you get your hands on them before the onslaught that inevitably...

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Compression Wear: What Are The Benefits?

Compression wear is a staple of any athlete's wardrobe but you don't have to be a top level athlete to reap the benefits. From those with spinal injuries to others completing local competitions, races, showjumping courses and more - here are the benefits of compression wear and how it can help you.

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