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Goodbye Fast Fashion...

If you’ve been shopping with Vivendi Apparel for more than five minutes you’ll realise we’re a little different to some brands. Aside from our technical fabrics and our original focus on injury rehabilitation, we also happen to be incredibly far removed from the label that is, ‘fast fashion’. Fast fashion is something that shot into our lives since the early 2000’s thanks to the likes of Primark, Topshop, New Look and more. In more recent years, it’s been online retailers, much like ourselves, who have shifted into the limelight and become household names like MissGuided, Boohoo and of course In The Style. While cheap clothing and quick turnaround times were a huge bonus for the vast majority of consumers, recent...

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Compression Wear: What Are The Benefits?

Compression wear is a staple of any athlete's wardrobe but you don't have to be a top level athlete to reap the benefits. From those with spinal injuries to others completing local competitions, races, showjumping courses and more - here are the benefits of compression wear and how it can help you.

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