So You Want To Become A Model…

So You Want To Become A Model…

You may already know that Vivendi Apparel has launched its biggest giveaway ever in the form of our Vivendi Model Search. We never expected quite the response we got with people from all four corners of the globe asking to be a part of our forthcoming photo shoot. Unfortunately, our first official model search is limited to the UK however, we will be offering future model searches from around the globe. 

In the meantime however, we thought we’d share with you some tips and tricks for those who may have been considering entering the model industry. Here’s our guide to getting started in the modelling world, including what you need to know, what you need to do and how to give yourself the best possible chance at making your modelling career a success.

“Do I Have What It Takes?”

So many ask themselves whether they have what it takes, comparing themselves to every other model out there. What’s important to remember however, is that being your own person, being unique or having a unique ‘look’, is one of the greatest things you can possess. No model should blend into the crowd, so trying your best to simply ‘be pretty’ or ‘good looking’ isn’t what you should be aiming for. Be you and shout ‘you’ loud and proud.

If you’re looking at runway modelling then you’ll find there are certain requirements such as being at least 5’9” for females and 6’0” for males. Other models however, can range in height though the general consensus is that models should be around 5’7”. Don’t forget however, there are exceptions to every single rule.

Different Types Of Modelling…

There are numerous different types of modelling work however, these can be categorised into the following categories:

  • Runway - runway models are typically between the ages of 16-21 however, this can vary. As described above, heights are usually a minimum of 5’9” for women and 6’0” for men. While there once was a certain size, runways are now enjoying a much more varied selection of models with everyone from the typical model stature to plus size models of all shapes and sizes.
  • Print/Catalogue - otherwise known as editorial modelling, print models can find themselves within a very lucrative genre. It’s also slightly less restrictive too. Once again, height is generally between 5’8” for females and 5’11 for males. Catalogue and fashion are two of most common areas.
  • Lingerie/Swimsuit - heights for lingerie and swimsuit modelling is around the 5’7” and 6’0” mark. Once again, the requirement of body shape and size is down to the individual brand. Swimwear models will of course be similar to that of lingerie however for women, swimwear models tend to have a slightly larger bust than lingerie models.
  • Other - this can include everything from television commercials to fitness modelling and more. Model requirements will always depend entirely on the industry and more specifically, the brand.

Getting Started

You’ll first need to find yourself an experienced agent. Be careful you don’t find yourself paying to join an agency. There are a lot of unscrupulous ‘agencies’ out there simply looking to make a quick buck from people wanting to break into the industry so it’s important that you look for a decent, reputable company. Do your research, check out their websites and find out who they’re currently representing. With a little digging, you should be able to find plenty of references.

Your Portfolio

Once you’ve found the agency you’d like to represent you, it’s time to move onto your portfolio. This is obviously something your agent will help with however, you should have a decent amount of input to ensure your portfolio represents you. Your portfolio will include your stats and images. Once you have your portfolio or your ‘book’ ready, you can begin sending it out. If you have past experience with modelling, with photos from said past experience, it’s great to include those as well however if you’re just getting started, then your new photos will stand out, front and centre and represent you perfectly. Your portfolio is an investment for you and/or your agency if you’re lucky enough to get taken on, as it’s essentially your business card. It’s what all potential companies will see before/when they hire you. Make sure to keep it up to date too, adding fresh photos each year.

A Few Top Tips

While having the right look will indeed get you far, there are a few other things you can do to help yourself along the way:

  • Practice punctuality
  • Show you’re committed
  • Stay positive and see every ‘no’ as a learning curve
  • Look after yourself, both body and mind
  • Research the people you’re looking to work with
  • Build on the relationship with your agent
  • Always continue learning and always look to expand your ‘talents’


Become A Model With Vivendi

With all that said and done, if the thought of searching for an agent, having a portfolio created and attending different interviews and castings fills you with dread, then the Vivendi Model Search could be the perfect option. Whether you’ve modelled before or never modelled, this is the ultimate prize. What’s more, it will also give you the perfect shots to start your new portfolio…and so much more. Want to apply? Just fill out the form! The search for our model will begin toward the end of June, beginning of July so get entering and keep your fingers crossed!

NB: Vivendi Model Search is limited to the UK and applicants must be over 16 years of age


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Have you thought about a fantastic lady called Michelle Lowe, {aka Squid}. I believe she does have something to do with you, but she could so easily be a model. Worth thinking about!

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