Promoting Recovery Using Compression Wear

Promoting Recovery Using Compression Wear

Whether you’re a weight lifter or a professional rider, high level exercise can take its toll on your body. What if we told you however that you don’t need to be so hard on your muscles and joints? That instead of struggling the following day through DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) that you could actually promote recovery faster through the help of compression clothing such as ours here at Vivendi Apparel?

Why Is Recovery So Important?

The majority of those who spend a great deal of their time working will understand the need for getting as much rest as possible after exercise. Not only is this beneficial for your next performance but it’s beneficial for proper recovery too. Recovery is so essential in fact that without it, your body simply cannot repair and strengthen itself in between workouts.

Recovery allows the body to replenish its energy stores while also repairing damaged tissue such as torn muscle fibres that occur during exercise. By not recovering properly, you don’t give your body time to do this correctly and as a result, you could be more inclined to injury and at the very least, poor performance. 

Another hugely important aspect of recovery is for the body to remove chemicals that can build up during a workout - this occurs throughout the body due to cell activity during exercise. By overtraining, the body simply cannot go through this natural and much needed process and therefore recovery becomes impaired.

Thankfully, with the help of compression wear, faster recovery is much more attainable.

The Benefits Of Compression Leggings

By wearing compression garments such as compression tights or compression base layers, wearers can reduce muscle fatigue as well as the likelihood of injury. Compression material was designed to be worn much like a second skin, and as a result reduces an action known as muscle oscillation as the legs for example, strike the ground.

The higher the frequency of the oscillation action (vibration within the muscle), the higher the likelihood of muscle soreness and fatigue following a workout. Therefore by reducing these vibrations within muscles, you reduce the severity of muscle soreness following exercise. It really is that simple. While it may sound too good to be true, it’s worth noting that countless studies that have been carried out around the world and while findings in some are small, they’re still very there showing compression wear to be impactful upon everyone from those who carry out gentle workouts to high level athletes. 

In fact, a recent study highlighting track athletes, reported this who wore a lower body compression garment such as compression leggings or compression shorts, reduced their muscle impact by around 27%.

Post-Workout Benefits Of Compression Wear

The benefits aren’t just offered by wearing compression clothing during workouts however, as many note the benefits of wearing compressive clothing after workouts also. The terms DOMs relates to Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness. This refers to the muscle soreness that creeps up on most of us the day after or in some cases, two days after an intense workout. Full leg compression sleeves or even compression leggings however can help reduce these symptoms by being worn following exercise too. They do this by increasing blood flow and in turn helping to speed up the removal of lactate acid which would otherwise sit in the muscle and cause soreness.

This method of wearing compression tights is considered the easy method as individuals can promote faster recovery, simply by wearing them following exercise however it’s important to note that this method works best when worn between 12 to 48 hors after exercise. To make it even easier, individuals can even wear them to bed, allowing the compression wear to do its job as they sleep. 

Better Performance & Reduced Injuries

By reducing swelling, pooling and gathering of lactate acid, compression leggings ultimately help reduce muscle soreness which in turn allows individuals to return to training sooner. Not only this, but it allows them to return to training feeling much better than they otherwise would. By doing so, they can train muscles and recover quicker, making the process of improvement much more efficient. 

Another benefit of compression wear is the ability to help those with injury during the injury recovery process. When one experiences an injury that doesn’t encompass a broken bone, the best advice given is usually I.C.E - Ice, compress and elevate and that’s exactly where compression wear comes in. From an injured knee to a twisted ankle, a sore shoulder or even tight hamstring, compression wear can aid with the recovery of all muscle related injuries, allowing individuals to recover faster and ultimately return to training much sooner.

Compression Leggings By The Best

Here at Vivendi Apparel, we provide compression wear for use across sports. Our garments were originally designed and manufactured specifically to aid with injury recovery, more specifically those with spinal injuries however, following research surrounding compression wear and our specific garments, we discovered their benefits for those in sport and as a result, our C180 Compression Leggings as well as our C360 Thermal Compression wear is now worn by a multitude of athletes. From horse riders to runners, weight lifters to cyclists - Vivendi Apparel compression wear has you covered. 

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