Our Love Island Girl Is Back!


 Who doesn’t love a little Love Island? The drama, the angst, the constant yells of “I’ve got a text”…it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and “oh my god, did he just do that?”

 What has made the recent adventures on the island all the more exciting however, is that we’ve had one of our own venture into Casa Amor. Yes, that’s right. Casa Amor was home to a gorgeous equestrian by the name of Jade Affleck who beat over 400k applicants to wangle her way into the island of love.

 We were sat on the edge of our seats waiting for answers as a fellow horsey girl ventured into unknown territory but as all best laid plans go…things went awry and our favourite girl is now back home, thinking of her next adventure!

 Jade Affleck has done herself, us and the horse community proud by showing herself to be one of the most genuinely lovely girls in there, leaving with her head held high and what’s that... a cheeky hint of a meet up discovered off camera? While you’ll have to wait until tonight on Aftersun, to find out more about the special someone that Jade did meet while she was there, you don’t have to wait any time at all to find out more about our girl’s equestrian antics.

 We’re lucky enough to be organising a photoshoot with the blonde beauty soon where we’ll have a little extra time to ask her for the inside scoop on all things Casa Amor but until then, here’s everything we really want to know about our favourite Love Island contestant…everything horse related!


Here’s All Things Jade!!!

 Jade started riding at the tender age of just four. So with 21 years in the saddle, you could say she knows her stuff. While she loves a good hack, her main focus surrounds hunter trial competitions and keeping her skills sharpened training around BE100 tracks.

 Jade is lucky enough to be a horse mum to two beauties. She has the incredible Katie, whom she’s owned 8 years and has competed over British eventing tracks. She also owns the fabulous Harry who she got as a 3 year old, fresh off the track. She has an awesome bond with both of her horses. Her main focus at the moment however is getting Harry up and running and competing at a higher level. 

Aside from riding and of course, handling a fresh ex racer, Jade also has a sensational talent when it comes to clipping! You may have seen a picture we shared previously of one of Jade’s intricate clips, the Versace clip as she calls it but that’s not the only one she’s done! She’s also clipped ‘Powered By Prosecco’ and has some awesome plans for a little extra designer luxury with a Gucci stencil for this year’s eventing season.

 While Love Island may be over, her most important plans are only just beginning as her main priority surrounds her horses and getting them both out competing as much as she can over the coming season. Add to this a few equestrian ventures with her best friend and hairstylist Hannah, whom she’s known for 14 years and it’s safe to say the girl’s going to be busy. We can’t wait to have her showing off our incredible new breeches that will be hitting the shelves this summer! Until then, ‘we got a text’ about yet another pre-order on our awesome thermal leggings so we’ve got to run! Speak to you soon…



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