Innovative Compression Wear For Smart & Fast Recovery

Innovative Compression Wear For Smart & Fast Recovery

Compression wear is a hugely popular topic within sports and the field of medicine. Athletes around the world are talking about the benefits of compression wear not only following gruelling workouts but during too. While some wish for better performance, others are now valuing the faster recovery rates. Today we’re looking at smart and fast recovery and just why compression wear is becoming a staple piece in every active person’s life, regardless of the sport. 


Medical Benefits

When it comes to the medical side of compression wear, there are some very clear advantages. Compression stockings and compression leggings for example can be an excellent component in the treatment of venous disorders for their ability to provide additional support to muscles and help pump blood through the limbs. Not only does this improve blood circulation but also enables the muscles to receive a better blood flow when needed the most.

It’s this effect however that’s of most benefit to athletes as an improved blood supply to muscles leads to an improved performance. How? It essentially manifests as a ‘lower subjective perception of stress… and improved running times.’

On top of this however, athletes are now debating whether compression tights and other compression garments can actually support exercise recovery. A recent study in New Zealand, investigated this exact topic and its findings were subsequently published in the Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research. Here’s what they found.


Compression & Recovery: The Findings

The New Zealand study encompassed the New Zealand national rugby team. During the study, compression leggings were held up against regular leggings (leggings with no compression effects at all). The 22 study participants, all professional level players, were monitored during a game in which they exerted themselves. 

After the game, all 22 players were given compression tights to wear for a full 24 hours before undergoing a performance test. 

The purpose of this test was to fully investigate the effects of the garments on recovery following exertion. In order to see direct comparisons, each New Zealand player went through this process twice; once wearing a pair of compression leggings and once wearing no compression leggings in order to monitor the differences. 

To ensure the rugby players weren’t showing any preconceived bias, they were all told they were testing out the effects of two different compression garments. The exercised used within the performance tests included 10 x 40m sprints followed by a 3km timed run. While small, the most significant differences were noted during sprints 5, 6 and 7. The timed run also showed players running between 1.9 and 2% faster following wearing compression garments. The overall conclusion of the test was that wearing compression wear during recovery was, ‘advantageous’.


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