Hey All You Cool Cats & Kittens…


It’s Carol Bask…Vivendi here and boy we can’t wait to catch up with you all. We’ve been working hard at Big Cat…Vivendi Apparel.


Ok wait…wait wait wait. Let’s address the big cat in the room shall we? While we have been working hard, we’ve also been addicted to Tiger King and can we just say, who saw that coming? Carol Baskin is filling our newsfeeds at the moment and we couldn’t be more pleased to see more Carol and less COVID-19 right now.


That being said, despite having a lot of work to keep us occupied, like getting your orders out to you, we’ve found Lockdown tough. Thankfully, for you lucky lot, when a few Team Vivendi minds get together, they not only create some very questionable life choices, they also happen to come up with some amazing boredom busters to ensure your lockdown is less murderous (Carol Baskin’s going to get a few mentions today) and more merry (alcohol filled much like our bodies as we write this).


Lockdown Getting You…Down?


We know lockdown is tough! For those who spend the best part of their day at the stables or the gym, it’s a complete lifestyle change. You actually have to get to know that person you decided to live with for a start. How are they? Have you found out their names and how they take their tea yet? Or are they straight from the bottle wine drinkers like us?


It’s tough right? We know some have found their partners to be these amazing people, others have begun digging up new patios in their gardens ever since their other halves took that long walk…now we’re not saying there’s a direct correlation but something’s not right. We mean, who in their right mind would walk out on the opportunity to day drink while binge watching car crash TV like Tiger King? Airport rules and all that…


In all seriousness, we honestly think we have the perfect way to help you spend your time and the following list won’t even include our FREE Vivendi Home Workouts download or our FREE Vivendi Dog Training download! We have brand new, utterly ridiculous ideas! Let’s first begin with our favourite…The Quarantini…


Make The Quarantini


You’re struggling to find toilet paper, all the good snacks were eaten within five minutes of your last ‘essential shop’ dash and you’ve just had an explosive argument after what feels like your 1000th game of Monopoly…there’s nothing left to do but get drunk and what else should you start drinking but the Quarantini of course! All you need is a little Vodka or Gin, whatever you fancy really and throw in a little lemon, some honey, a dash of water (or more gin) and then if you’re feeling particularly healthy, throw in a Vitamin C dissolvable tablet. Hey presto, you have the Quarantini and as airport rules apply, it’s perfectly acceptable to drink this at breakfast too. That being said, if you aren’t a fan of the above ingredients, simply call whatever you’re drinking a Quarantini and have at it.


Indulge In A Little Balcony Bingo


This game should be played whilst drinking copious amounts of Quarantinis! We love a little balcony bingo! Especially when the caller shakes it up a little…”on its own, 67! 2 and 4…58” you catch our drift! You can even enjoy a little COVID-19 bingo by shouting out random activities that people may or may not have taken part in during lockdown, for example, “Realised they’re a melt for stockpiling loo roll”…”bought 148 flakes during online panic shopping”…you know who you are with regards to the latter one there. The prize can be a free dance from the rest of the contestants to any song of the winner’s choosing and remember to keep a 2 metre distance at all times. Especially if you see Carol Baskin lurking.


Pretend You’re On Your Cancelled Holiday 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, take this as the perfect opportunity to pretend you’re on your cancelled Centre Parcs holiday. Simply make each family member wait for their allotted time slot before allowing them to cycle around the garden in circles while donating the £50 you would have paid, to ride the tatty old mountain bike, to our NHS fundraiser. Believe us when we say it feels frighteningly familiar. Equally, the same familiar feeling can be achieved for those who missed out on their Mediterranean cruises by whacking the heat up full blast, locking yourself in your ‘cabin’ aka living room and simply watching a sea view screen saver on your tv. Put a Quarantini in your hand and it’s like P&O in the flesh, as we live and breath. You can also pretend you’re on the Benidorm strip though that requires a large amount of Corona beer and we hear not many are drinking that at the moment.


The Vivendi Dash


If you, like us, have a rather plump Vivendi collection, we dare you to jump back in time and reenact one of Joey Tribbiani’s famous scenes. You know the one we’re talking about right? Where he puts on every item of clothing from Chandler’s wardrobe. Only this time, we dare you to put on every single item of Vivendi clothing. Not only that, but we dare you to upload it to your stories and tag us in it! Try not to do this after too many Quarantinis though…could lead to great instability.


Last But Not Least…


You didn’t think we’d finish this blog off without talking about THE Carol Baskin did you? If you have nothing else to do then we highly recommend watching the amazing, the warped, the weird and the utterly amusing Tiger King. If you’re ever feeling that life couldn’t get any weirder, this little gem shows you that even during a global pandemic, it can and very much does.


On That Note…


Stay home and stay safe guys. Everything in this blog was intended for amusement purposes only, try not to take things too seriously and don’t drink too many Quarantini’s. We’re here, we’re open and our incredible new lines are just days away from launching! Don’t forget you can jump online and subscribe to our mailing list to grab yourself an awesome 15% discount site wide and that includes our brand new items that we’ll be launching online shortly. So what are you waiting for?


If all else fails, feel free to message us any time because we are here for you. We’re all in this together so let’s stick together…apart.



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