Fund Raising For Our NHS !!

Fund Raising For Our NHS !!

Fund Raising For Our NHS !!

At Vivendi Apparel, we design and manufacture clothing for the equestrian and fitness industries.

As well as providing clothing that's functional and on-trend, we also focus our attention on creating a rehabilitating range that's designed to aid blood flow and regulate body temperatures.

Our compression wear is worn by spinal cord injury sufferers as well as those with degenerative illnesses and different forms of nerve pain. Our range is worn across the globe and has proven life changing for thousands of people.

Team Vivendi have teamed up with Joshua White and other incredible people to promote t-shirts across our social media channels and other online platforms in a bid to raise money for our invaluable NHS.

You don't need to buy the t-shirt you can also help by donating on here...

Will you join us?

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