Benefits Of Wearing Compression Wear During & After Exercise

Benefits Of Wearing Compression Wear During & After Exercise


 Compression wear consists of garments woven from a spandex-type fibre. Compression wear is as the name suggests, skin tight and then even tighter. The basic principle of compression wear surrounds the physical compression of the muscles themselves, in order to support and contain them. Compression leggings, compression shorts or even compression tops can also increase circulation in the wearer by squeezing the blood back to the heart. While compression wear offers a number of benefits, it’s worth noting that for many, it goes way beyond the physical and into the psychological. Allow us to explain…


What Are Compression Leggings Made From?

Compression leggings are made from a high-grade fabric, usually consisting of a mixture of nylon, spandex, polyester and even lycra. As well as supporting muscles and joints and increasing circulation, they also help wick sweat away from the skin, keeping your body temperature regulated and allowing your skin to breath.


The Benefits Of Compression Tights

Compression tights are designed to hug calves, thighs, buttocks and of course all areas of the upper body and by doing this, they offer a multitude of benefits…

Reduced Muscle Fatigue - compression wear helps boost a wearer’s performance by helping to decrease the inevitable muscle fatigue that all athletes can experience. Whether you’re wearing our compression leggings as riding leggings or running leggings, the compression fabric will significantly decrease the fatigue and muscle aches that you usually experience after. This can help with longer and faster bursts of exercise without that all-too familiar exhausted feeling in your legs.

Decreased Muscle Soreness - everyone who works out will know that DOMs (delayed onset of muscle soreness) can be difficult, especially after an intense workout and to make it worse, this can last for days. Compression tights however can significantly lessen the pain by allowing you to workout for longer without stressing the muscles too much, thus reducing the DOMs you feel overall. Wearing your compression shorts or compression leggings after your workout can help with this too.

Improved Anaerobic/Aerobic Threshold - the aerobic threshold is the consistent effort that you can perform at. The anaerobic threshold is the point at which lactic acid will start to build up rather rapidly in the blood and it’s at this point that it can be tough during exercise. Recent stats however have shown that garments like our silicone grip compression pants can actually help improve these thresholds in healthier athletes by as much as 6.2%. 

Improved Flexibility - unlike numerous other active wear options, compression leggings and compression tops wear like a second skin. Forget restrictive clothing and instead enjoy complete flexibility better than before.

Keeps You Dry - with the help of materials such as nylon and polyester, compression wear can help the body dry faster when sweating as it lifts water upward instead of repelling it. This means sweat will evaporate from the skin faster. 

Support For Injuries - if you’re someone who suffers injuries a lot, you may want to consider compression wear as part of your standard exercise uniform. Not only will compression wear help significantly reduce the chance of you getting injured in the first place but it can also help provide extra support for injuries; they’re well know for being amazing for strain support.


Our Compression Leggings Are Versatile Enough For All Disciplines

Here at Vivendi Apparel, while our initial designs were based on providing medical benefits for those spinal cord injuries, we soon realised the benefits of our compression leggings for runners and cyclists. But it wasn’t long before we realised that these benefits could be enjoyed by athletes of all natures, from equestrians to gymnasts, stunt riders to kayakers and much much more. 

Our compression leggings are available as riding leggings or running leggings, cycling leggings and even trick riding leggings. All benefit from a silicone grip knee, in a wide range of colours. We also have a range of compression shorts, ideal for the cooler months or even for those who prefer their compression wear to focus on their upper quads and hamstrings. 

Check out our range of compression leggings available now and let us know if you feel the benefits.

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